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PolyJet Photopolymer 3D Printers, Post-processing machines and Consumables

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Cleaning Cloths (150/pk)



CleanStation CS2P Support Removal System


SCA 3600HT

CleanStation SCA 3600 HT Support Removal System


Super DT3

CleanStation Super DT3 Support Removal System


Dyemansion Powershot S machine

DyeMansion Powershot S

Not available to buy online

Objet Water Jet Gloves, Latex – 1 box


ORYX sca1200ht 3D Printing Post Processing Machine

ORYX sca1200ht

Not available to buy online

ORYX sca3600 Post-processing Machine

ORYX sca3600

Not available to buy online

ORYX scaWaterJet 3D Printing Post-processing

ORYX scaWaterjet

Not available to buy online

Pack of 1 FLX930, TangoPlus, 3.6Kg


Pack of 1 FLX950, TangoGray, 3.6Kg


Pack of 1 FLX973, TangoBlack, 3.6Kg


Pack of 1 FLX980, TangoBlackPlus, 3.6Kg


Pack of 1 FullCure 705 Resin Support, 3.6Kg


Pack of 1 MED610, 3.6Kg