Xtend 500 PC BASS Support, Fortus

360-53210 – MTRL, FORTUS PLUS, (S), PC_S, 500CI

PC-BASS breakaway support structures are removed manually, rather than by use of a tank containing a solution of heated-water and a cleaning agent. This method is ideal for parts built using simple support structures. Depending on the part built it may be difficult to reach all support structures in order to break them away, resulting in a greater amount of time spent removing supports.



Material Properties:

3D Print Technology:


Xtend 500 PC BASS Support, Fortus Plus 500 in^3 (8195 cc)

Support materials are available in breakaway and soluble forms. They make it possible to create detailed geometries with overhangs and small, intricate openings. Breakaway support structures are manually removed and do not require the use of cleaning tanks. Soluble support dissolves in a detergent bath for hands-free productivity.

  • Quantity: 1
  • Size: 500 cu in.

Compatible with the Fortus 450mc and 900mc

Material Compatibility

The following Materials can used in conjunction with SR-30 support material:

Model Material Support Material
PC-ISO Used with PC-BASS support material


Xtend 500 PC BASS Support, Fortus Plus 500 in^3 (8195 cc)