SR-30 Support Material / Spool-less FDM 200CI, Long Lead

331-20207 SR-30 FDM soluble support material for the Stratasys F770 or Stratasys F120 (legacy) machine. SR-30 is used in conjunction with ABS-ESD7ASAABS-M30ABSplus, and ABS-M30i 3D printing materials from Stratasys.



Material Properties:

3D Print Technology:


331-20207 SR-30 FDM soluble support material dissolves in a very mild NaOH solution, making it possible to produce intricate and complex prototypes and models without the need for time-consuming manual support removal.

Compatible with the Stratasys F120 and Stratasys F770 machines

Simply washes away in a solution of heated water and cleaning agent. Supports are washed away from the part in a few hours on average.



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