SR-30 Soluble Release Support Canister, Fortus Plus

355-03110 – MTRL, FORTUS PLUS, (S), SR30, 92CI

QTY 1 x 92 cu in. SR-30, replacement 3D printing support material for the Fortus 380mc,450mc and 900mc machines.



Material Properties:

3D Print Technology:


SR30 Soluble Release Support Canister, Fortus Plus, 92 in^3 (1510 cc)

SR-30 support material is water-soluble, making for hands-free support removal in a detergent bath. The dissolvable FDM support material makes it easy to produce intricate prototypes and models, without the need for time-consuming manual support removal.

  • Quantity: 1
  • Size: 92 cu in.
  • SR-30 is less likely to shatter and dissolves 69% faster than SR-20.
  • SR-30 doesn’t expand as much as SR-20 in solution. Therefore, fragile parts won’t break from support expansion.

Compatible with the Fortus 380mc, 450mc and 900mc

Material Compatibility

The following Materials can used in conjunction with SR-30 support material:

Material Support Material
ABS-ESD7 Used with SR-30 support material
ABS-M30 Used with SR-20, QSR1, or SR-30 support material
ABS-M30i Used with SR-20 or SR-30 support material
ASA Used with SR-30 and QSR1 support material