SR-20 Soluble Release Support Canister Fortus Classic

310-30500 – MTRL, T-CLASS, (S), SR20

Fortus 400mc/900mc SR-20 Soluble Release Support / 92ci

For the Stratasys Fortus 400mc and Fortus 900mc Classic 3D Printers.



Material Properties:

3D Print Technology:


SR-20 Soluble Release Support, Canister Fortus Classic,92 in^3 (1510 cc) – Formerly PC-ABS support material – Fortus Classic (ABS-M30, ABS-M30i, ASA, and PC-ABS Support) – T-Class (PC-ABS Support)

Support materials are available in breakaway and soluble forms. They make it possible to create detailed geometries with overhangs and small, intricate openings. Breakaway support structures are manually removed and do not require the use of cleaning tanks. Soluble support dissolves in a detergent bath for hands-free productivity.

Quantity: 1
Size: 92 cu in.

Compatible with the Fortus 360mc and Fortus 400mc Classic 3D Printers only