Soluble Support Cartridge

340-30200 – MATL, P400 (S) SOLUBLE

P400-SR Soluble Support Material Cartridge



Material Properties:

3D Print Technology:


P400-SR WaterWorks Support Spool; Fortus 200mc, Prodigy Plus  56 in^3 (920 cc)

Support materials are available in breakaway and soluble forms. They make it possible to create detailed geometries with overhangs and small, intricate openings. Breakaway support structures are manually removed and do not require the use of cleaning tanks. Soluble support dissolves in a detergent bath for hands-free productivity.

Replace your production-grade thermoplastic support material.

Item: P400-SR soluable support Spool

Printer(s): Dimension 1200es SST/Elite

Plastic: ABS

Colour: Ivory

Voume: 42cu in / 688cc

About ABSPlus Material

ABSplus is the most affordable Stratasys 3D printing material, meaning designers and engineers can work iteratively, prototype often and test thoroughly. But it’s so durable that your concept models and prototypes perform much like the final product.