SKU: SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional_Product Group

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional

Ready to tell a deeper story and blow away the competition? Enhance emotional connections with your products using SOLIDWORKS Visualization Professional. SOLIDWORKS Visualization Professional offers the most comprehensive way to generate photo-quality renders, interactive animations, and 360 degree spins to effectively communicate the most complex design details.

SKU: SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional_Product Group


SKU: SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional_Product Group

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional builds from the SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard. New features include one-click 360 degree spin, interactive web content with VR and Panoramas, multiple viewpoints, customizable camera filters, integrated Render QUEUE, presentation mode, adjustable baked lighting and unique camera animation ribbon. These features combine to bring you a powerful platform to set the scene of possibility.

Presenting designs brings concept closer to reality. The power of presentation fails to compare to the influence of imagery. Keep everyone influenced and on the same page with SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional.

Visualize Professional Features

Enjoy all the features of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard plus these additional features and more:

  • Demonstrate products more effectively with full animation of parts, models, appearances,  cameras, and environments
  • Import your SOLIDWORKS CAD Motion Studies for truly photographic animations
  • Quickly show off the final design with one-click 360-degree spins
  • Create interactive web content such as Interior Panoramas and Exterior VRs
  • Present and compare varying design solutions side-by-side with multiple viewports and included Configurator tool
  • Unleash your creative side with customizable Camera Filters
Stay ahead of the competition

In today’s constantly evolving global marketplace, time to-market and design innovation matter more than ever. SOLIDWORKS Visualize enables you to validate your product’s market acceptance in record time with ease and flare, featuring:

  • Blazing fast performance and results that are easily scalable
  • Quality images indistinguishable from photos
  • Intuitive interface and minimal learning curve
  • Industry-leading GPU (graphics card) support
Create Photos & Animations
  • High-resolution detailed images (JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP)
  • Multiple configurations in seconds
  • Interactive web content (VR and panoramas)
  • Captivating feature animations (MP4, FLV, MKV)
  • Camera fly-by videos
  • Interactive presentations
  • Turntable animations
  • Interior and exterior Sun Studies
  • Detailed animations from your SOLIDWORKS Motion Studies


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