SKU: SOLIDWORKS Standard_Product Group


Looking for an easy-to-use, no-frills 3D CAD design tool? SOLIDWORKS Standard 3D Modeling Software provides all the features you need to rapidly create production-level 3D product designs. You’ll get application-specific tools to create complex surfaces, parametric parts, sheet metal patterns and welded assemblies, plus wizards to automate your workflow and verify your designs.

SKU: SOLIDWORKS Standard_Product Group

SKU: SOLIDWORKS Standard_Product Group

SOLIDWORKS Standard provides the core components for creating powerful product designs for manufacturing. SOLIDWORKS Standard specializes in 3D Modeling of parts and assemblies with specific tools included for sheet metal, weldments, surfacing, mold design, product configuration, design analysis, CAM and DFM. Create a seamless flow from concept to reality with SOLIDWORKS Standard.

Imagine the efficiency of testing your designs before creating a prototype. SOLIDWORKS Standard saves time and money with multiple built-in capabilities to check interference, misalignment and manufacturability before sending to the manufacturer. Create a seamless flow from concept to reality with SOLIDWORKS Standard.

Get the best price for SOLIDWORKS Standard software, and upgrade to SOLIDWORKS Professional or SOLIDWORKS Premium through TriMech.

SOLIDWORKS Standard Capabilities

Straightforward 3D CAD software, offering unmatched 3D design capabilities, performance, and ease-of-use.

3D Solid Modeling

Accelerate your design, increase productivity, and reduce cost with SOLIDWORKS Standard 3D modeling with lifelike visualization and virtual testing before manufacturing.

Large Assembly Design

Simplify design of large assemblies with easy-to-use tools to create, manage, and visualize large and complex designs that can contain more than 100,000 parts.

3D Animations and Basic Rendering

Quickly and easily create powerful images and animations to communicate your design intent and functionality.

First Pass Design Analysis

Verify operation and performance while creating your design with fully integrated wizard driven simulation and analysis tools.

Interference Check

SOLIDWORKS Standard will verify that your parts and assemblies will fit, assemble, and operate correctly

2D Drawings

Create production-ready 2D drawings that communicate how your design should be manufactured and assembled.

Sheet Metal Design

Quickly and cost-effectively create a wide range of sheet metal part designs using a wide range of flexible tools to meet your specific needs.


Quickly create designs that have extrusions and easily generate cut lists and bills of materials to streamline design and manufacturing of welded structures, frames, and bases.

Mold Design

SOLIDWORKS can simplify mold design with fully integrated product design, mold design, and validation that updates all part files automatically to enable changes right up to final manufacturing.

CAD Import and Export

Accelerate design, save time and development costs, and increase productivity by converting CAD data into a format that meets your design needs.



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