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How are you managing your product design data? When multiple teams are collaborating on one design, you need a system to manage all the various parts, files and drawings in one central, easy-to-navigate location. With SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, you can be confident that everyone on your team has the right files and the most updated versions all the time.

SKU: SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional_Product Group


SKU: SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional_Product Group

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional organizes and stores CAD data along with other file types to keep everything centralized in one shared location. The use of configurable search cards creates a much faster search process to access files. Version control helps to avoid rework due to working on previous versions.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, powered by Microsoft SQL Server Standard extends the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard to allow your entire enterprise to easily share data and collaborate on designs.


Bring your design data under control and improve the way your teams manage and collaborate on product development.

  • BOM Export: Export bill of materials (BOM) information for use in downstream applications and systems.
  • BOM Editing: With the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional system, you can use easy-to-configure templates to pull together all necessary product structure information and automate BOM information preparation.
  • Multisite Replication: Support collaboration among design groups by replicating your data vault to multiple sites.
  • ERP/MRP Connection: Connect with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) application, synchronize and improve the effectiveness of your business systems.
  • Change Management: Significantly reduce the time needed to complete your design approval and engineering change order (ECO) processes with automated workflow.
  • Notifications-Email (SMTP): Get process and workflow notifications sent via email rather than just internal messages.
  • PDM Customization: Increase productivity with customized menus and personal preferences.
  • Neutral File Formats: Save time and effort communicating with internal departments, customers, and external suppliers by configuring the system to automatically create neutral file formats.
  • Task Monitoring: The ability for PDM administrators to monitor in-process tasks, including neutral file creation, and confirm the results of completed tasks.
  • Manage All Files: Manage, view, and print documents from more than 250 file types, including major CAD formats, Microsoft® Office, images, and animations.
  • Remote Access: Enable staff and partners to contribute through remote-access portals.
  • Automated Tasks: Automatically create files in common formats, such as PDF, at the end of an approved process.
  • Custom Applications: Create custom applications to meet specific business requirements through the API.


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