SKU: SOLIDWORKS MBD Standard_Product Group


The “drawingless” drawing is here. SOLIDWORKS MBD is a drawingless manufacturing solution that helps users create Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) compliant with industry standards (i.e. ASME Y14.41, Military-Standard-31000A and ISO 16792).

SKU: SOLIDWORKS MBD Standard_Product Group


SKU: SOLIDWORKS MBD Standard_Product Group

SOLIDWORKS MBD helps you to define PMI directly in 3D and organize your data into clean and structured 3D presentations. You can customize 3D output templates and publish 3D output and other widely accepted file formats (i.e. eDrawings and 3D PDF). SOLIDWORKS MBD helps ensure you comply with industry standards and file formats. It also allows you to share and archive intuitive 3D data easily. With SOLIDWORKS MBD, you don’t have to leave the 3D design space to make 2D drawings. MBD integrates with SOLIDWORKS, speeding cycle time, cutting quoting time and reducing errors. All 3D PMI and Views are also available for 2D use. Users can also toggle annotations on and off for clean 3D presentations with a variety of views.


Capture complete product data, including title block and BOM information, in multiple 3D Views that can be easily exported to industry standard formats:

Present in 3D

Define PMI data as dimensions, tolerances, model data, surface finish, weld symbols, Bill-of-Materials (BOM), tables, notes, and other annotations

Customize 3D Output

Customize templates for multiple deliverables [such as engineering drawings and request for quote (RFQ)], and departments [such as Operations, Manufacturing, QA, and Procurement].

Support Standards

Support industry standards, such as Military-Standard-31000A, ASME Y14.41, ISO 16792, and DIN ISO 16792.

Publish in 3D

Publish 3D data and PMI in industry standard file formats, such as a SOLIDWORKS model, 3D PDF or an eDrawing®.

Share, archive, and reuse intelligent 3D data

SOLIDWORKS MBD helps you directly share, archive, and reuse intelligent 3D data including geometry, PMI, views, and data so that you and your suppliers don’t have to waste the time creating traditional 2D drawings.

Comply with industry standards

SOLIDWORKS MBD helps companies comply with predominant industry standards, such as MIL-STD-31000A, ASME Y14.41, ISO 16792, DIN ISO 16792, and GB/T 24734. Compliance gives you competitive advantages to win more contracts and deliver projects to strict requirements, on time, and on budget.