PPSF Filament Canister, Fortus Plus

355-02340 – MTRL, FORTUS PLUS, (M), PPSF, 92CI



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PPSF Filament Canister, Fortus Plus (only for 400 and 900mc Plus sytems, not 450mc)

PPSF/PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) material has great heat and chemical resistance and is- ideal for aerospace, automotive and medical applications. PPSF parts manufactured on Stratasys 3D Printers are not only mechanically superior, but also dimensionally accurate, to better predict end-product performance. Users can also sterilize PPSF via steam autoclave, EtO sterilization, plasma sterilization, chemical sterilization and radiation*. PPSF gives you the ability to manufacture parts direct from digital files that are ideal for conceptual modeling, functional prototyping, manufacturing tools and production parts.