Pack of 1 RGD525, 3.6Kg

OBJ-03256 – PACK OF 1 RGD525, 3.6KG

RGD525 High Temperature resin combines heat resistance with exceptional dimensional stability. This material can simulate the thermal performance of engineering plastics and is ideal for testing applications such as hot-air flow or hot-water flow in pipes and faucets.



3D Print Technology:


High Temperature offers the highest heat deflection of any standalone PolyJet™ material, ideal for thermal testing prototypes that require high heat resistance. High Temperature also offers excellent surface quality, strength and stiffness, simulating the thermal performance and strength of engineering plastics. With a heat deflection temperature of 80 °C after thermal treatment, High Temperature is ideal for testing static parts and hot-air flow or hot-water flow in pipes and faucets. Create heat-resistant parts with varying Shore A values by combining High Temperature with PolyJet rubberlike materials. Build heat-resistant, high-definition parts ideal for form, fit and thermal functional testing such as models that must endure strong lighting conditions, taps, pipes and household appliances.