MTRL, FDM, (M), ABS-CF10, 90CI

333-90310 –  MTRL, FDM, (M), ABS CF10, 90CI

Replacement 90 cubic inches spool of  FDM ABS-CF10 Material. For the Stratasys F123 series 3D printers (F170, F270, and F370).



Material Color:

3D Print Technology:


333-90310 MTRL, FDM, (M), ABS CF10, 90CI

ABS-CF10 is an ABS-based material with 10% chopped carbon fiber, making it 15% stronger and 50% stiffer than ABS. The combination of ABS and carbon fiber offers more desirable mechanical properties for tooling applications than ABS. It is the first fiber reinforced material on the Stratasys F123 series printers.

Material Features

This new material allows the F123 series printers to print parts with enough strength to replace metal components in functional prototyping, tooling applications, and production parts. The new carbon fiber material is ideal for automotive, industrial, recreational, and aerospace manufacturing.



Stratasys F123