SKU: OBJ-18500-V

Stratasys J850 Prime

The Stratasys J850 Prime PolyJet 3D printer lets you design and print color-critical parts with confidence. Choose from an expansive list of custom or PANTONE® (PMS) validated colors and take advantage of the multi-material capability this printing technology can offer. Create the most realistic models and prototypes in the shortest time possible, without the need for painting or assembly.

SKU: OBJ-18500-V


3D Print Technology:

SKU: OBJ-18500-V

Ideal for applications in the design, medical and educational disciplines, the J850 Prime provides the unmatched capability to achieve maximum realism with over 500,000 unique colors, realistic texture simulation, flexible and transparent materials and a click-and-print workflow. The wide selection of color and different material properties allows you to create your realistic prototypes and models in one seamless workflow.

With seven different materials in a single part, you get unprecedented combinations of color, transparency and flexibility. These printers are PANTONE-Validated™, making the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM (PMS) colors available in a 3D printing solution with nearly 2,000 colors from the PANTONE® Formula Guide Solid Coated and all of the PANTONE® SkinTone™ colors.

These printers are compatible with the GrabCAD Print™ software which lets you print directly from your favorite professional CAD formats, eliminating the time usually spent converting and fixing STL files. The software allows you to match PANTONE Colors with a single click. Use smart default settings, tooltips and notifications to guide you through a seamless printing process. Work with detailed views of your model, tray and slice preview so you can make necessary adjustments before going to print.



Introducing the Stratasys J850 3D Printer