F123 Extrusion Head – non PLA, non TPU


A replacement Print Head for a Stratasys F123 printer. For printing either model or support material. Recommended for 1500 build hours.



3D Print Technology:


Standard extrusion head used for ABS, PC-ABS, ASA, DIRAN, ABS-ESD7 & QSR. (Not for use with PLA and TPU materials)

Fits the Stratasys F170, 270, and 370 3D Printers. For printing both Support and Model material. But NOT for PLA.

Print Head Compatibility
The Stratasys F123 printer utilizes two print head assemblies, one for model and one for support. Once a head has been used for model or support, it can only be used for that designated material (model or support) thereafter.

The heads are designed for use with a range of modeling materials. The heads extrude model material and support material with two identical liquefiers. A single blower fan, mounted above the tip liquefier entrances, cools the incoming material at the liquefier entrances.

When to replace a Print Head
Head life is directly related to the amount of build time for the head. Heads are a replaceable consumable item and should be changed once the head’s odometer reaches 1500 build hours.

The entire model or support head assembly is replaced as a single unit. The Head Release Lever locks and unlocks the associated head into or out of its seated position.