Artec Ray 3D Scanner

The Artec Ray is the fastest, most accurate long-range LIDAR laser scanner designed for capturing large objects. With no need for any lengthy preparations, you can 3D scan almost anything by simply mounting your Artec Ray on a tripod in front of your object and pressing a button!​


Lightweight and user-friendly, Artec Ray was especially designed to ensure you get the most out of this powerful 3D laser scanner, whether it is getting the 3D measurements for quality control of a large industrial object or creating an accurate 3D model for heritage preservation.

Data capture is cleaner than that from any other 3D scanner of this type, with noise levels at an absolute minimum. With a built-in battery, you are able to scan both indoors and outdoors for up to 4 hours without a need for a power source nearby. For easy 3D scanning, accessible and convenient 3D data capture and advanced software compatibility, the Artec Ray is a perfect solution for onsite 3D scanning at distances up to 360 feet away!

  • Long Distance up to 130m
    With the long-range 3D scanner Ray 2, the expansive 360°-300° field of view gives you flexibility to capture objects from 0.5 to 130 meters away, and with high accuracy and superior quality.
  • Large Objects
    Ideal for reverse engineering, inspection and construction. Scan large objects both indoors and outdoors!
  • Check and Adjust
    If your device isn’t perfectly calibrated, your scanner will either automatically calibrate itself by scanning the surroundings, or let you know if further action is required.
  • Texture Resolution to 1.3 Mpx
    Make full color 3D replicas of your object
  • Accuracy certificates
    Scan with full confidence knowing that your scanner has been verified to fall within specifications.
  • Life-like Replicas
    In heritage preservation, Ray II enables the recreation of every detail in true-to-life color.
  • For Critical Evidence
    In forensic applications, enhanced color accuracy facilitates identifying crucial evidence such as bloodstains.
  • Remote Scanning
    When scanning something large, in an inaccessible location, or at a height you can’t safely be on, control your scanner easily and from a distance with the Artec Remote App
  • Real-time Registration on board
    Track the scanner’s movement in real time with feature tracking and advanced algorithms for intuitive 3D-space navigation including Ray II’s Visual Inertial System (VIS), Altimeter, compass, and Global Navigation Satellite System.
  • Automatic Removal of Moving Objects
    Ray 2’s smart auto-removal of moving objects that may enter or exit the scene keeps all captured data focused on exactly what you need.
  • Continuous supply battery system
    Powered by two hot-swappable batteries and another two on standby, the 3D laser scanner Ray II comes ready to scan for a full 8 hours. Need more time? Charge while you scan, and swap without any downtime.
  • Water and dust protection: IP54 (IEC 60529)
    Your scanner is protected and your work kept safe with the Ray II’s water and dust protection, designed to keep particles or humidity from getting into your device.
Pair with an Artec Handheld Scanner

Pair Artec Ray with an Artec handheld 3D scanner, such as Eva or Spider, to effortlessly capture difficult to reach areas, e.g. the interior of a car, or to add intricate detail to a large-scale 3D model. The smart combination of Ray’s long-range large object 3D scanning capabilities along with the convenience and precision of all of Artec’s handheld 3D scanners ensures limitless 3D scanning potential.


Artec Ray and other Artec 3D Scanners can be used in a wide variety of industry applications including:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Aerospace
  • Research
  • Training
  • Online museums
  • Heritage preservation
  • Architecture
  • CGI


Artec Ray long-range 3D Scanner