Antero 800NA, 92CI, Fortus Plus

355-02500 – MTRL, FORTUS PLUS, (M), ANTERO 800NA, 92CI



Antero™ 800NA is a PEKK-based FDM® thermoplastic. It combines FDM’s design freedom and ease of use with the excellent strength, toughness and wear-resistant properties of PEKK material.

Antero 800NA exhibits high heat resistance, chemical resistance, low outgassing and dimensional stability, particularly in large parts. Antero 800NA is available on Fortus 450mc™ and Stratasys F900™ 3D Printers and is compatible with SUP8000B breakaway support material

Available for the Fortus 450mc and Stratasys F900 3D Printers

Material Details

  • COLOR Natural
  • SPOOL SIZE 92 Cubic Inches
  • TENSILE STRENGTH 93 MPa (XZ Axis) 46 MPa (ZX Axis)
  • TENSILE MODULUS 3095 MPa (XZ Axis) 34,834 MPa (ZX Axis)
  • IZOD IMPACT NOTCHED 37 J/m (XZ Axis) 27 J/m (ZX Axis)

Material Features

Appropriate applications include aircraft components exposed to jet fuel, oil and hydraulic fluid, spacecraft parts that demand low outgassing and chemical-resistant industrial parts. Using Antero 800NA with FDM technology avoids the waste and design limitations associated with subtractive manufacturing of high-cost bulk PEKK material.

Top Applications

  • Aircraft components exposed to jet fuel, oil and hydraulic fluid
  • Spacecraft parts that demand low outgassing
  • Chemical-resistant industrial parts