ABS Plus Ivory Cartridge

340-21200 – MATL, P430 ABS (M) IVORY

A replacement model cartridge of Ivory P430 ABSplus™ production-grade thermoplastic model material for a Dimension 1200es BST/SST/Elite, Fortus 250mc



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P430 ABSplus Cartridge Ivory (56.3 ci/923 cc)

ABSplus™ is a true production-grade thermoplastic that is durable enough to perform virtually the same as production parts. When combined with Stratasys 3D Printers, ABSplus is ideal for building 3D models and prototypes in an office environment.

Replace your production-grade thermoplastic model material.

Item: P430 ABSplus Model Spool

Printer(s): Dimension 1200es BST/SST/Elite, Fortus 250mc

Plastic: ABS

Colour: Ivory

Voume: 56cu in / 920cc

About ABSPlus Material

ABSplus is the most affordable Stratasys 3D printing material, meaning designers and engineers can work iteratively, prototype often and test thoroughly. But it’s so durable that your concept models and prototypes perform much like the final product.