SKU: 3DEXPERIENCE Marketing Package (NetVibes)

3DEXPERIENCE Social Business Analyst

The 3DEXPERIENCE Social Business Analyst Role answers your biggest business questions, using real-time data insights to drive successful outcomes.

Improve business decision-making for product management, marketing and sales with a powerful content analysis and market intelligence solution in the cloud.

SKU: 3DEXPERIENCE Marketing Package (NetVibes)


SKU: 3DEXPERIENCE Marketing Package (NetVibes)

Social Business Analyst is a browser-based solution that enables your team to listen to, learn from and act on all the information that matters to your business. Aggregate content from across the social web alongside enterprise data.

Analyze business metrics in your social context. Automate alerts and actions to drive faster decision-making, 24/7/365.

Built on the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, it delivers business intelligence connected with the entire product development process from insight to market, so you can drive collaboration and innovation.

Social Business Analyst Capabilities
  • Gather and aggregate important information by creating your own content library or using the expertly curated Industry libraries from Dassault Systèmes. Monitor your market, products, competitors and trends.
  • Analyze competitive data to detect weak signals and early trends. Use key insights and competitive analysis to understand the market and identify opportunities and risks.
  • Content Distribution to empower your team with actionable data insights by automating content distribution through email, newsletters, feeds and communities.
  • Track and monitor important articles and topics of interest, and easily share your own opinion with the team.
  • Filter for relevant content so you can spend less time searching and more time reviewing what matters.
  • Securely access and share all content and analytics from a centralized, secure location in the cloud from any device. Quickly find and filter information with semantic and smart search.
  • Easily create social-media-style public or private communities to share and collaborate on ideas and projects, and publish articles and customer feedback analyses.
  • Use market insight and unstructured collaboration to fuel the product definition process and define groundbreaking product roadmaps.
  • Create Wikis to organize your knowledge base, terminology and glossary database in wiki page structure.
  • Engage with your colleagues in real time using conversations, audio and video calls.


Social Business Analyst Overview