3DEXPERIENCE Project Planner Role

3DEXPERIENCE Project Planner provides simple and assisted iterative planning, execution and monitoring of projects. It helps collaborators to accelerate the time from idea to delivery through lean collaborative planning and execution.

Project Planner captures innovation tasks and deliverables into projects where team leaders invite team members to collaborate with ad-hoc access rights.




With the 3DEXPERIENCE Project Planner Role, you can optimize your project management on one platform, with one project plan, accessible by your team anytime and anywhere on the cloud.

Reduce resource and overall project execution costs by enabling lean optimized team planning

Project Planner provides simple and assisted iterative planning, execution and monitoring. The project planners on your team can define project scope, dependencies and milestones. An innovative engine automatically schedules and optimizes projects activities to meet key milestones.

Organize your projects on the cloud

A flexible, team-based and collaborative approach dynamically builds up the project network from team activities. Team members rapidly define, refine and complete their tasks and deliverables through continuous planning and execution. The Project Planner Role delivers an innovative engine that automatically schedules and optimizes project activities to meet key milestones and delivery dates, providing real time updates and notifications to team members.

Project Planner Benefits

  • Planning for All: Mobile, inclusive and easy to use planning experience, for any user to plan their work and contribute to the team plan.
  • Collaborative Planning in Real Time: Real time project execution KPI’s available to all collaborators.
  • Schedule Optimizer: Automatic project plan optimization based on user updates and changes.
  • Immersive and Seamless Task Integration: Assigned tasks and associated deliverables available directly from within the CAD application.

The Project Planner Role allows 3DEXPERIENCE users to:

  • Accelerate time from idea to delivery
  • Improve team productivity
  • Securely collaborate with team members through ad-hoc access rights
  • Connect attachments and deliverables to tasks for review by team members
  • Define project scope, min-max task durations, dependencies and milestones
  • Automatically schedule and optimize planning activities and resources to meet key milestones
  • Keep up with the progress and work to be done from anywhere with real time notifications
  • Access anywhere, anytime through a cloud, in-app and mobile experience

First Look Video: Project Planner