SKU: 3DEXPERIENCE Product Manager Package

3DEXPERIENCE Product Manager Package

Expand and gain insights into product development tasks from start to finish with the 3DEXPERIENCE® Product Manager Package. Interact with contributors from all departments within the business including external resources and actively collaborate to accelerate through ideation to the final product. Have immediate access to historical comments for reference during design reviews by capturing comments, markup and more directly within the collaboration platform. Define, clarify/finish tasks while tracking results automatically and optimizing the timetable to meet milestones and delivery dates. Enjoy a new paradigm in the way key stakeholders interact with collaboration through the entire product development process.

SKU: 3DEXPERIENCE Product Manager Package


SKU: 3DEXPERIENCE Product Manager Package

The 3DEXPERIENCE® Product Manager Package from TriMech includes all the features of the 3DEXPERIENCE Base Package and then some. With the addition of the cloud-based Project Planner software, you can break up giant projects into smaller, manageable projects to enhance teamwork. The built-in scheduler engine automatically optimizes due dates and the lineup to meet each project’s constraints and resource availability while providing real-time notifications and changes to each team member. The software allows you to invite team members to participate on a project, as well as set member access rights to tasks and attachments to Viewer, Author or Leader. The Project Planner can also store all of your attachments to the large project or individual tasks.



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