Year in Review: TriMech’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

   By TriMech Marketing on January 4, 2017

SOLIDWORKS & Stratasys Year In Review | TriMech

Where did 2016 go? It feels like we blinked, and an incredible year of Stratasys and SOLIDWORKS product launches, sharing blogs and tech tips and interviewing customers has come to an end. In case you missed any of the amazing clients or thought-provoking topics we covered, we compiled a list of our most popular content in 2016.

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Year in Review: 3D Printing 2016

1. SLA vs. PolyJet [Technology Review]

SLA vs PolyJet.pngCompanies take pride in printing parts that look and feel like end-use products. If you’re more than a hobbyist, it’s important to understand the different types of precision 3D printing technologies available. This blog discusses the differences between Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA) from 3D Systems and Triple Jetting Technology (PolyJet) from Stratasys.

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2. Microns in 3D Printing: Do They Matter?Microns in 3D Printing: Do They Matter?

Microns in 3D Printing.pngIf you own a 3D production system or have considered 3D printing as a solution, it’s important to know what’s important for your application: dimensional accuracy and repeatability or resolution. Learn why layer thickness is listed in microns and why they matter in 3D printing.

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j750.png3. Introducing the Stratasys J750 3D Printer

We welcomed the new, state-of-the-art J750 to the Stratasys 3D printer family! Developed to meet the long-term growth opportunities in prototyping applications, this is the world’s only full-color, multi-material, high-resolution 3D printer.

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Nylon 12-689122-edited.png4. Whitepaper: Nylon 12 Best Practices

Nylon 12 is a new material used in applications for repetitive snap fits, high-fatigue resistance, strong chemical resistance and press fit inserts. It has 100%-300% better elongation at break and superior fatigue resistance over other additive manufacturing technologies.

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5. Let The TriMech Drone Wars Begin!

Drone_Wars.jpgThe use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones was once limited to defense industries. Today, they fly everywhere! With this in mind, we’ve decided to pit our application engineers and technical teams against each other in the first ever TriMech Drone Wars. Let the games begin! 

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Year in Review: SOLIDWORKS

1. Top 10 Enhancements Coming in SOLIDWORKS 2017

Best Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2017 | TriMechEvery year at SOLIDWORKS World, the Product Introduction Team teases us with a long list of new enhancements to look forward to in the next release of SOLIDWORKS. This year was no different. Our engineers at TriMech voted on their favorite enhancements coming in SOLIDWORKS 2017.

Find out which features made the list!

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2. Turn Back Time With SOLIDWORKS Classic Icon Colors

SOLIDWORKS Classic Icons | TriMechSOLIDWORKS is going vintage with a familiar look. A brand new option in SOLIDWORKS 2016 lets users revert to the old icon colors. Now available with Service Pack (SP) 3.0, SOLIDWORKS 2016 brings back the classic look and feel of past releases with the new icon color option found in your system options.

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3. SOLIDWORKS Will Retire Workgroup PDM: What This Means For You

SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM End-Of-Life | TriMechSOLIDWORKS is changing the future availability of SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM (WGPDM). The product has reached the limit of what it can do with its architecture, but not to worry. There is plenty of time to plan for your future data management needs. 

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4. 5 Reasons Surface Modeling Is A Needed Skill

SOLIDWORKS Surface Modeling | TriMechUsually, we start out with a 2D wireframe sketch, then use a modeling tool to turn it into a solid. SOLIDWORKS now does the behind-the-scenes work creating the surfaces and joining them together to form a solid model.

This insight gives us a better understanding for how surfacing techniques can help us create some difficult and complex 3D model features and shapes. Here are five examples where this technique can be helpful.

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SOLIDWORKS Composer Customize Mouse Buttons | TriMech5. Customize Your Mouse Buttons in SOLIDWORKS Composer
With SOLIDWORKS Composer, creating product manuals with compelling graphics, multiple product views and clear directions is fast and easy. This how-to shows you how to tailor your mouse buttons to fit your preferences.

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What were some of your favorite blog articles last year? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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