What’s New with GrabCAD Print: Version 1.11

   By Tommy Dupuy on October 13, 2017

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In May 2016, Stratasys released GrabCad Print, a sophisticated 3D printing app that allows designers and engineers to prepare, schedule and monitor 3D printing jobs. Since its release, GrabCAD has continued to make exciting updates to this software; and I will be updating you every month on its new features – October 2017 launches GrabCAD Print 1.11.

Tray Layout (Graphic User Interface)

In GrabCAD Print 1.11 you will see grid lines, handles and calibration points on the trays. FDM machines that don’t use trays with handles will not have these points, however print trays such as on the F370 will. See the example below to compare the old tray to the newer tray.

GrabCAD Print Old Tray Layout

Old Tray Layout

GrabCAD Print 1.11 Tray Layout

GrabCAD Print 1.11 Tray Layout

On FDM machines with defined grids on the tray (mostly larger Fortus machines), you can change the gridlines on the tray to be centimeters or inches to more easily gauge part size. 

GrabCAD Print 1.11 Tray Layout


Users will now be able to pause FDM prints, similar to in Catalyst or Insight. This will allow multi-color FDM prints. To insert magnets, stiffening rods or ball bearings, however, customers will still have to use Insight because you can’t currently remove defined support material in GrabCAD Print. 

GrabCAD Print 1.11 Z-Pause

Support for Ultem 9085 CG

You can now prepare jobs for Ultem 9085 CG using GrabCAD Print. Users also have the option to use the T16A tip with their Fortus 900mc.

GrabCAD Print 1.11 Support for Ultem 9085 GrabCAD Print 1.11 Support for Ultem 9085

Not yet signed up for GrabCAD Print? Download the software for free by clicking the link below.

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