What’s New In SOLIDWORKS 2015, Part 1: The Interface

   By TriMech Marketing on January 22, 2015

SOLIDWORKS 2015 includes numerous new features, both big and small, including changes to the interface, sketching, features, parts, assemblies and drawings.

We’ll go through each of these one-by-one in this six part series. In Part 1, we’ll talk about what’s new in the SOLIDWORKS 2015 interface.

SOLIDWORKS_2015_View_SelectorView Selector

If you haven’t used the view selector, you may want to try. In previous versions, the view was static. Now, you are able to rotate the part in space. You can also preview as you hover over a face, even hidden bodies or components in a multi-body part.

Favorites Folder

The Favorites Folder has been improved with the ability to add subfolders. This is available for parts and assemblies to help you better organize your main folder.

SOLIDWORKS_2015_Hidden_BodiesIsolate and Hide Components

While editing, you can now isolate parts or isolate from a common mate. You can also choose to hide new components in display states that are not active.

Open Model In Position

Usually, a part will open as it was last saved. With the update, the new method will open and orient the part as you are looking at it in the assembly.

Visualization Tool For References

We have a new way to graphically represent parent/child relationships. Before, you could only see parent/child relationships for one feature at a time. You can now choose Dynamic Relationship Visualization, which will show arrows pointing to the dependencies.

SOLIDWORKS_2015_Visualization_Tool_For_ReferencesSelection Enhancements

There are several selection enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2015. The new features include selection tool access, previous selection, selection sets, selection of hard-to-pick entities and selecting by view.

Context-Sensitive/Configuration Toolbars

In 2015, context-sensitive toolbars are customizable. In addition, there is a new toolbar available for configurations. That way, you can access configurations without going back and forth between the feature and configuration managers.

Status Bar Display of Cylinder Diameter

In 2015, when you pick a cylindrical face (ID/OD), the diameter of that is listed in bottom right corner of your screen.

Add Ins

When we turn them on, instead of just listing them with other pulldown menus, it groups them into the single tools pulldown menu. Also, a new column has been added, showing the last time that particular add in was turned on. 

Identifying File Version

If your file came from an older version, you can go into properties and find out exactly what version it’s from.

Save And Restore Setting

Previously, you had to quit SOLIDWORKS completely or close all files to use save and restore. Now, you can do this with files still open.

Can’t wait for Part 2? You can see more about SOLIDWORKS 2015 in our on-demand webinar.


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