What Your Generic Staffing Firm Can’t Do

   By Elle Smith on May 11, 2023

As a successful company, finding the right employees with the necessary technical skills and expertise can be crucial to the advancement of a project. While generic staffing firms can certainly help in finding candidates, there are certain limitations to their abilities that cannot quite fulfill the drive, community, and skill that your team needs for important engineering projects.

Specialized Technical Skills

Engineering is a technical field with a wide range of specialties, from civil to software to electrical engineering, each field has its own specific set of skills and qualifications that are required. Generic staffing firms do not have deep understanding of these technical fields, and thus struggle in finding candidates with the necessary expertise. On the other hand, TriMech, as a specialized engineering staffing firm, has experience working with candidates in specific technical fields and has a pool of qualified candidates readily available.

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Customized Screening and Assessment

Technical screening and assessment are crucial in the hiring process for engineering roles. It’s important to ensure that candidates have the necessary technical skills and years of experience to perform the job within quality and standards. Generic staffing firms use sets of screening criteria not tailored to the specific technical requirements of the role. TriMech and other specialized engineering staffing firms have experience assessing technical skills and can offer customized technical screening and assessment services to ensure that candidates have the necessary technical skills, experience, and certifications for the job.

Technical Staffing Insights

Generic staffing firms do not have the same level of technical expertise as specialized engineering staffing firms. Generic firms do not have access to the latest industry data, trends, and insights of the technical workforce. Our company has a specific understanding into the technical job market, including information about compensation, talent availability, and other factors that can impact a business’s ability to find and retain the best technical talent.

In conclusion, while generic staffing firms can provide services, there are limitations to what they can provide specialized companies. For specialized technical needs, it’s important to work with a specialized technical staffing firm. With TriMech, we have an extensive database of engineering candidates that we have worked with for yours. Not only do we understand shifts in engineering industries, we know the candidates and their preferences of work. We do not just fill roles but add value to both the company and candidates’ careers. By partnering with a specialized engineering staffing firm like TriMech, you can ensure that you’re getting a trusted and qualified match of technical talent for your team.

In summary, while generic staffing firms may offer services, their ability to cater to the unique needs of specialized companies is limited. For technical positions requiring specialized skills, it is crucial to partner with a staffing firm that specializes in that area. That’s why I would strongly recommend working with a specialized engineering staffing firm like TriMech. Our extensive database of engineering candidates, built up over years of experience, gives us unparalleled technical insights. We not only understand the shifts in engineering industries, but we also have a deep knowledge of our candidates’ strengths and career aspirations. We don’t just fill roles; we add value to both the company and the candidate’s career. By partnering with us, you can be rest assured that you will be matched with trusted and qualified technical talent that will benefit your team and enrich your candidate’s career.

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Working with a technical staffing firm brings unique benefits to the hiring process. Whether your company is looking to fill direct hire, contract, or contract-to-hire positions, a staffing service can help to reduce both time and cost. TriMech’s Staffing team brings years of expertise in both designing and executing a hiring solution for your company.

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