What to Expect After Your SOLIDWORKS Purchase

   By Nicole Spandley on June 1, 2022

Congratulations! You’ve just become a TriMech client, and you’ve secured yourself a seat of SOLIDWORKS! What does that mean? How do you proceed you ask? Well, look no further as this article will outline what to expect including how to download and install your new license.

As a disclaimer, please check with the correct personnel that you are responsible for this process. Some companies and clients have processes in place for installation such as admin images or IT regulations that will need to be followed. Once you have cleared this and have the green light, please continue!

First things first, you will have received an email from our staff with details on your serial number. This is your key to all the fun! This serial number gives you entitlement to your perpetual seat of SOLIDWORKS, and its maintenance status will give you entitlement to updates and technical support!email confirmationHold on to this serial number for now, we are about to use it.

Let’s assume you currently do not have SOLIDWORKS installed. With your shiny new serial number, you can go to SOLIDWORKS.COM and enter the Customer Portal to register your serial number and gain access to the SOLIDWORKS downloadable media. If you are without internet access please check the FAQs, though if you’re reading this and have no internet access, I assume you are a wizard.solidworks.comRegister my productsIn the customer portal, you will find the .exe for the INSTALLATION MANAGER of the major year version of SOLIDWORKS you plan on using. Running this exe will allow you to pick and choose what SOLIDWORKS products you wish to install. You will once again use that serial number you have been provided with as the key for this install!
download updatesThis begins the split of Network License Users (A) vs Standalone Users (B).

If you are a Network License User, please follow the next lines under A. If you are a Standalone User, please skip ahead to B.

A. Network Licenses 

Network License users – you’re still here, yes? Are you setting up your server and client machines? Or do you have a server already established and just adding to a pool of licenses?

If you are setting up your server, you will need to install the SolidNetwork License Manager (SNL) on the server and the accompanying SolidNetwork License Client on the client machine.

If you are adding to the license pool, you will need to edit the SolidNetwork License manager and add your serial number to the existing SNL. Please note the SNL has to be on the most up to date version of SOLIDWORKS that you plan on using.

Then, install SOLIDWORKS on your individual machine.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to the installation manual or blog;install on computer

B. Standalone Licenses 

Standalone Users! Glad you made it down. You are going to use that installation exe, aka the installation manager, to install SOLIDWORKS on this individual machine using that serial number.

install on this computerFor more detailed instructions please refer to the installation manual or blog;

Lastly, once SOLIDWORKS is installed and you start SOLIDWORKS on your machine, it will ask you to agree to the End User License Agreement.solidworks license agreementFor further FAQs, please check our blog SOLIDWORKS Installation FAQs.

When in doubt, please do not hesitate to reach out to Technical Support via email  support@davidc858.sg-host.com, or phone number 888-TRIMECH.

Want to learn more about SOLIDWORKS? We offer SOLIDWORKS Essentials Training courses to help you become more efficient!

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Nicole Spandley

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