What to Expect After You Purchase a 3D Printer

   By Rich Annino on May 24, 2022

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new Stratasys 3D printer from TriMech or just ordered one, you may be wondering, what happens now? Do I have to do anything on my end to make sure that this printer arrives safely? What kind of information do I need to provide to TriMech to facilitate this delivery? When will the machine be installed? Maybe something else? Today, we’re going to tackle that very topic!

Sending in your purchase order for your new 3D printer is only the first step in the process of getting that machine shipped your way. Whether it’s a Stratasys F170, a J850, or even an H350, there are some important things to keep in mind which will help us to improve your printer purchase experience!

Shipping Requirements

First thing’s first; after you send in a purchase order for any machine, our orders processing team will need to know what considerations are needed for delivery of the system. If you have a truck height loading dock and a method to remove the crate(s) from the truck, great! If not, we can certainly help to make arrangements with Stratasys to ensure that the delivery truck has the correct setup when delivering.

Site Prep Guide

If you haven’t already received it by this point, we’ll also make sure that you have a site prep guide to ensure that your facility meets all of the correct requirements to take in and install the printer.

Some machines are pretty straightforward, such as the Stratasys F-Series machines; 110VAC single phase power on a 20 amp breaker and an ethernet connection, a normal office environment room, and a moderate space between the printer and the wall, and we’re all set to install.

SSYS_F123 Printer open

Larger systems may have some more in depth, and may require you to have contractors come in first to install higher end power requirements, shop air, etc. Make sure that you do go through this site prep guide and check everything off that is completed, as it does spell out exactly what items need to be in place to ensure that the print install goes smoothly.Stratasys F900 Right View

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New Printer Delivery

Once the site prep guide has been sent back, TriMech will work with Stratasys to mobilize the printer for delivery. If you have a printer to trade in, Stratasys and TriMech will coordinate with you on the pickup, but typically this is not resolved until after the new printer has been installed. Once the printer arrives onsite:

  • For F-Series FDM printers, Fortus 450mc’s, J55’s, and J35’s, we ask that that you check the crate for any damage (if any is found, please let us know immediately!), and if none is found, please uncrate the system and move it into position in the room that the printer will be installed in. The 450mc does also require an electrician to wire the system properly before we arrive onsite for installation.
  • For J8 series, Origin One, Neo, H350, and F900 machines, Stratasys will provide further instruction on whether or not to uncrate the machine and move it into position in the room that it will be installed in. Please note though that some of these systems do require additional power considerations, shop air, and/or proper HVAC to be in place, and for those systems that require these special considerations, they will require the machine to be uncrated and hooked up prior to the installation visit.

Printer Installation

Once this has all been completed, please reach out to TriMech (F-Series, Fortus 450mc, J35/J55) or Stratasys (for all other 3D Printers), and a technician will be scheduled to come onsite for the install. Once the technician is onsite, they will confirm that the machine is wired properly, get the system up and running, calibrate it, and run a test print. If, for some reason, an issue is found during the install, the technician will initiate a troubleshooting process to remediate the issue as quickly as possible.

When the machine is up and running successfully, the installing technician will provide some basic operator training to get you and your team familiar with how to use the printer, and a brief walkthrough on how to utilize the GrabCAD Printer Prep software to set up a print tray to run on the machine.

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Additional 3D Printer Training

TriMech also offers a variety of advanced user training courses as well, which can be purchased along with the printer sale, or afterwards if your team decides they require higher level training to take full advantage of the machine’s capabilities. If you are interested in one of these advanced user training courses, please feel free to reach out to your local sales representative, or reach out to our general help line at info@davidc858.sg-host.com, and we’ll get you more information on the available courses that may be of interest to you.

Additional Resources

If you require help with your 3D printer or have any questions, you can contact our 3D Printer Support team here. Our dedicated support team is also available via phone from 7AM to 8PM ET at 1-888-874-6324.

For more information on materials for your 3D printer, check out our blog series “Know Your Materials” to learn more. When you are ready to purchase more materials, you can find them on our webstore.

And that’s it! At this point, you should be fully armed with all of the information you need to accept your new Stratasys printer from TriMech.

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