What They Didn’t Teach You About Heat Transfer

   By Emily Wolfe on December 18, 2017

Does reducing manufacturing costs across a wide range of mechanical designs and systems sound like music to your ears? A new analysis software in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is proving to be extremely effective with heat transfer analysis, giving mechanical engineers the ability to accelerate key decisions at their workstations (eliminating the need for CFD specialists). 

SOLIDWORKS Flow Heat Transfer

What Does This Mean?

Everybody knows the three types of heat transfer:

  • Conduction
  • Convection 
  • Radiation

All three modes are solved automatically with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, allowing users to analyze a wide range of applications. 

A number of complex physical processes often determine thermal effects in engineering. These processes include heat conduction, heat convection, conjugate heat transfer between fluids, surrounding solid materials and radiation. These, paired with complex real world geometries, present the need for accurate CFD prediction. 

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How Does It Work?

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation provides the ability to visualize what is happening to a design’s thermal dissipation, giving engineers valuable insight that can guide design decisions. Also, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation offers a wizard to direct the setup, including the selection of material properties.

The toolset embedded in  SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation can use new or existing 3D CAD geometry and solid model information to simulate designs in real-world conditions. This allows the design engineer to determine which designs have promise and which designs are unlikely to be successful in an efficient manner. 

Download our whitepaper for the complete details on SOLIDWORKS Flow Heat Transfer.

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Emily Wolfe

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