What is Numerical Input and how does it work?

   By Robert Gemmell on December 29, 2022

Numerical Input – Extra Credit


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Question: Is there a way to add dimensions as we sketch?

Absolutely, we can activate this option by going to System Options>Sketch>Enable on screen numeric input.  I also always check the box underneath “Create dimension only when value is added” so that if you want you can sketch normally as if it wasn’t enabled.

How it works:

As you create a line it will give you a dimension popup that you can just type your value into.

When creating a shape with multiple inputs they will all popup but the highlighted one is the active dimension.

You can toggle between popups with the Tab key.

If you don’t type a numerical value, one will not be added (*Because we selected that second option).

If you are creating a square and add the same dimension in both boxes, then SOLIDWORKS will maintain best dimensioning practice by switching from two dimensions so a single dimension with a geometric relation.

Follow up questions:

Question: When using numerical input, I can’t use the “A” shortcut to auto transition back and forth between arcs and lines, is there an alternative to this shortcut?

Yes, because typing “A” would now be looking for a global variable we need to use the alternative methods to get these transitions.

Switching from line to arc: Return the cursor to the last point and then move away again.

Switching from arc to line: Return the cursor to the last point and then click on that point.

Question: How does this work in a 3D sketch, isn’t Tab used for changing the sketch plane?

Great point, yes, it is. SOLIDWORKS has us covered though, if you are using a 3D sketch then we’ll use Shift+Tab instead of just Tab.

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