What is DriveWorks and How Does it Work?

   By Devin Martin on June 22, 2021

DriveWorks is a Complete SOLIDWORKS automation and online 3D CPQ configurator software. DriveWorks software is used in collaboration with SOLIDWORKS for design automation and sales configuration by companies of all sizes. Whether you are an engineer that needs design automation for your SOLIDWORKS models and manufacturing data, or a company wanting to provide a 3D product configurator on your website for customers and vendors, DriveWorks software can get you there.

DriveWorks Integrated with SOLIDWORKSDriveWorks CPQ not only makes configuring custom products easy but also automates the creation of order-specific sales documents and SOLIDWORKS manufacturing data. This can help reduce repetitive tasks, eliminate errors, increase sales and deliver custom products in record time.

Benefits of Using DriveWorks

The ability to configure, price and quote easily has become essential for manufacturing companies of all sizes, in all industries. Customized products are becoming the new normal. DriveWorks allows you to transform the way you do business by closing the gap between initial sales inquiries and manufactured products with DriveWorks CPQ for SOLIDWORKS.

  • Intelligent Guided Selling – Ensure customers and sales teams configure the ideal solution every time with intelligent rules-based guided selling.
  • Any Device, Anywhere – Enable customers and sales teams to configure custom products on any device with DriveWorks Live.
  • Integrate with Other SystemsDriveWorks Pro integrates seamlessly with company systems, helping you work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Connect Sales & Manufacturing – Validation ensures you only offer products that can be manufactured, eliminating errors and boosting quality.
  • Eliminate Errors & Repetitive Tasks – DriveWorks SOLIDWORKS automation eliminates errors and expensive, time-consuming design changes.
  • Easy to Setup, Maintain & Use – Deliver custom products faster and with greater accuracy, without using complex macros, design tables or code.

How Does DriveWorks Work?

CAD Automation

DriveWorks CAD AutomationDriveWorks is a certified gold partner product of SOLIDWORKS, offering the highest level of integration into the SOLIDWORKS interface. Due to this high level of integration, DriveWorks allows you to capture your current SOLIDWORKS design data straight from inside SOLIDWORKS itself! The captured data which now exists inside DriveWorks can then have your commonly known manufacturing and cost estimation rules added in allowing for quick and easy setup. Once models are captured and rules are written, users can create endless new variations of a product generating all the parts, assemblies and drawings needed for manufacturing! DriveWorks allows you to deliver custom products faster and with greater accuracy, without using complex macros, design tables or configurations.

DriveWorks Gives you:

  • Complete SOLIDWORKS automation using the DriveWorks model generation and rules engine.
  • Ability to automate SOLIDWORKS PDM, SOLIDWORKS MBD and SOLIDWORKS CAM outputs.
  • Full control over automating drawings, BOMs and manufacturing documents.
  • Ability to integrate into 3rd party systems such as ERP, MRP, CRM, PDM and more!

Online 3D CPQ

DriveWorks 3D CPQ

DriveWorks configurator software enables businesses to set up a configurable 3D CPQ solution that engineering and sales teams can use. DriveWorks allows manufacturing companies to gain all the benefits of digital selling. CPQ solutions are built on rules, workflow, user interface and integration. These are the core technologies that have underpinned DriveWorks since the software was first introduced to the SOLIDWORKS market in 2001.

DriveWorks Configurable 3D CPQYour DriveWorks and CPQ administrator can manage access and permissions to the CPQ front end and add product configurators at any time. That way you can customize the solution for inside sales, dealers, distributors and even customers. The CPQ administrator can apply real-time pricing updates to ensure accurate quotes are generated and that they reflect your businesses’ strategic and commercial goals. The CPQ dashboard can also be customized so the administrator can have specific views such as quoted items, pending orders and so on.

DriveWorks CPQ:

  • Is easy to implement online through an iFrame or through your website API.
  • Has built-in CPQ templates allowing for customized CPQ designs to be set up in minutes.
  • Allows for live updating of rendered 3D models to be shown right on the website.
  • Has customizable workflow allowing unique permissions for customers, distributors, or sales teams.

3 Steps to Get You Started

Step 1 – Design Your User Interface

DriveWorks Design User InterfaceYou have complete control over the design and behavior of your configurator with the easy-to-use DriveWorks form designer. Choose from over 20 customizable user interface controls, including images, text inputs, dropdowns and buttons to make endless interface combinations!

Step 2 – Build Rules & Logic

DriveWorks Build Rules and LogicEnter your design knowledge into custom rules, created in the intelligent DriveWorks Rules Builder. DriveWorks rules and logic are easy to create. No need to be a programmer! Automatically guide your users, validate product selections and create sales and manufacturing documentation

Step 3 – Configure endlessly

DriveWorks Configure EndlesslyCustomers, sales teams and distributors can configure your products on any device, anywhere. Guide users to the correct buying decision based on their needs and budget.

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Whether you are an engineer or a company needing to automate some processes to increase efficiency, DriveWorks software is modular and scalable. You can implement DriveWorks and grow your projects at your own pace.

Are you ready to try DriveWorks? Try DriveWorks Solo free for 30 days. Instant access. No credit card required!

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