What Are DriveApps?

   By Devin Martin on April 5, 2023

Out of the box tools to streamline your CPQ deployment

 DriveWorks CPQ & DriveApps for Your CPQ Deployment

Implementing a CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution is a quick way to reduce lead time on quotes, customer drawings, and CAD models, all while making your product easier to customize and configure. DriveWorks CPQ is specifically built from the ground up to be used by manufacturing companies to make product configuration a breeze, but what does the initial implementation look like, and are there tools that can help streamline the setup? Enter: DriveApps! DriveApps provide out-of-the-box functionality to enhance and accelerate your use and implementation of DriveWorks CPQ! While you will still need to set up your unique products, DriveWorks contains game changing functionality which makes deployments faster than ever before.

What DriveApps are available today?

There are currently three DriveApps available in DriveWorks today:

  • The Dashboard DriveApp
    • This gives access to useful DriveWorks resources and customizable KPI’s taken directly from the Group.
  • The DriveWorks CPQ DriveApp
    • You have the power to manage the entire sales process of your configurable products in minutes.
  • The Scheduler DriveApp
    • A toolbox of jobs that can be configured and then run on a schedule.

The Dashboard DriveApp

Utilizing a CPQ solution you’ll have access to all kinds of data that you could only dream about tracking before. How many quotes are currently out? What percentage of quotes turn into orders? How many models have we generated today? All these metrics and more can easily be tracked using the Dashboard DriveApp. Show live metric tiles and graphs on the dashboard without having to create an entire custom project.

the Dashboard DriveApp

Dashboard DriveApp

These KPIs are easily displayed in a clear and concise manner by taking advantage of the Dashboard DriveApp!

The DriveWorks CPQ DriveApp

While the Dashboard DriveApp gives you access to all sorts of data tracking capabilities, the CPQ DriveApp has the power to manage your entire sales process straight from the DriveApp itself! Use the CPQ DriveApp to administer lists of accounts, quotes, price lists and more. Configure your own catalog, for both standard and custom products all in one place. The best part is how QUICKLY you can set up an entire back end CPQ system, and link your data to it. In minutes, you can have a full blown back end sales tool allowing your team to create and manage quotes, monitor and manage dealer logins and permissions, and even generate discounts.

DriveWorks CPQ example screen

DriveWorks CPQ system demo

The CPQ DriveApp brings the power to control your sales and distributors directly to you with limited setup effort required, and DriveWorks is making this even easier every single day!

The Scheduler DriveApp

This DriveApp might be last in the list, but it is definitely not the least. This powerful DriveApp allows you to run nearly ANY DriveWorks job, task, or sync on a schedule or trigger. Jobs are set up in the Scheduler DriveApp and then run as required. This means you can set up the scheduler DriveApp to automatically send an email if a quote goes past the 30 day expiration date, or perhaps you wanted to use the scheduler DriveApp to periodically sync data from your ERP/MRP/CRM system into your DriveWorks projects…you can do that too!

Schedular DriveApp example

The scheduler is an extremely powerful DriveApp that when used in conjunction with your existing DriveWorks projects, can truly extend your implementation capabilities!

DriveApps – The Real Deal for CPQ Deployment

DriveApps are truly a new age of implementation automation. With so many projects and tasks simplified by the existence of DriveApps, you really can streamline your CPQ deployment. I highly recommend taking advantage of these new tools within DriveWorks to make your CPQ deployment quick, easy, and higly functional!

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