Utilizing Color in SOLIDWORKS 3D Design

   By Michael Koenig on November 21, 2017

Did you know that you can carry over the colors 

How to Use Color In SOLIDWORKS from your 3D part or assembly model onto your detail drawings without having to use a shaded view?  This is a great way to help distinguish between components in assemblies, especially in 2D views and large assemblies where things are 
harder to see.  Typically, in drawings, the Hidden Lines Removed (HLR) or the Hidden Lines Visible (HLV) display styles are used to better see model edges and save ink on prints.  Shaded display styles will be in color, but HLR and HLV are simply black lines, by default.  This can be changed with the click of one checkbox called “Use model color for HLR/HLV in drawings.”
how to color in solidworks

This setting can be found in Options > Document Properties > Detailing > Use model color for HLR/HLV in drawings.  Note that any appearance applied at the assembly level will override a part level appearance.  Also, colors assigned using the Layer or Line Format toolbar in the drawing will override the colors coming from the model. 

Color Settings in SOLIDWORKS

But wait, there’s more!  So far, we’ve discussed color in HLR and HLV display styles in the context of drawings only.  What about part and assembly files?  This can be done as well with a few settings enabled.  In the part, enable the setting in Options > Document Properties > Model Display > Apply same color to wireframe, HLR, and shaded.

Coloring and Shading in SOLIDWORKS

In the assembly, enable two options in the View menu: Draft Quality HLR/HLV and Use Component Color in HLR/HLV.

Color at home in SOLIDWORKS

The next time you are working in SOLIDWORKS, take advantage of using color to help identify different components in assemblies, save ink on prints, and even match the production color of parts, if desired.

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Michael Koenig

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