Using CEX Files Inside Your SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault

   By steven schaeffer on September 14, 2017

SOLIDWORKS PDM is essential to help keep your files, organized, easily accessible and most importantly, easily managed. In today’s Video Tech Tip, we’re discussing CEX files and how you can use them inside your vault.

It’s first important to understand what exactly a CEX file is and just how it is beneficial to you. CEX files provide a way to copy out vault settings to save them for a later date, restore them, and create back ups of your CEX vaults configuration in case of an upgrade or accidental deletion. All around, a good asset to know the ins and outs of for storage and file safekeeping.

The example in the video covers copying a Workflow from one vault to another using a CEX file. From the RDS1 vault there is only one Workflow, Universal and the task is to copy this vault into the RDS2 Workflow vault, Engineering. It’s as simple as it sounds. Right-click on Engineering and choose Export, which will then display a new window containing all the pieces necessary for that Workflow to run. The next step may seem the easiest, but it is important you click the Save button or nothing will be done with this Export. The Workflow was saved using the default name onto the desktop and from here we can reopen it using File>Open> to find the CEX file you want, in this case, “Administrative Export File1.

Some of you may not want to save the CEX file and reopen it, luckily there is a shortcut. Once you have the Export window open you need, instead of saving it, simply click and drag the CEX to the location you wish it to appear. Our goal was to place it into RDS1.

With either method you will note the RDS1 file has both Engineering and Universal under its Workflows. Thanks to the CEX file, moving the Workflow items between vaults was a simple process. Save, restore, and rearrange your files simply and efficiently using CEX files. 


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Steven Schaeffer

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