Using Autopilot to Process Artec 3D Scan Data

   By Brian Metzger on May 20, 2022

In this example, I used my Artec Space Spider to capture a small metal bracket. The Space Spider is a hand-held 3D scanner designed for CAD users and perfect for capturing small objects and intricate details in high resolution.

I have three scans of this small bracket and I’m going to show you how to process these using Autopilot in Artec Studio. This is an easy process because the tool does the work for you. 

First, I will select which scans I want, and I will choose all of them. Next, I will answer a few basic questions about the quality of my scans. If you aren’t sure how to answer these questions, the question mark icon will give you a guide of whether to judge your scan quality as “good” or “bad”.

In this case, I am going to keep most of the default settings but I am going to change the hole-filling method. I only want small holes filled, so I will change the settings to a maximum of five millimeters. I am going to set the model resolution to a certain size triangle and I am going to turn off the texture because this metal bracket is just gray, so I don’t need color. Autopilot settingsWhen I select next, it will ask if I want to edit your scan. In this case, I will use the eraser and select Base Selection to remove the table that the part was sitting on. Autopilot - eraseThe next step is to align the three scans. I will choose auto align and it works well for this scan. It will then run us through a couple other steps including global registration, outlier removal, fusion, small-object filter and mesh simplification. The software takes about 40 seconds to go through this step. Below is my final scan model which looks great and has good detail.Autopilot - final model    Find more 3D scanning video tech tips on our blog by visiting the link below.

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