Upgrading to SOLIDWORKS 2018

   By TriMech Marketing on January 19, 2018

When it comes time to upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2018, figuring out where to start might leave you with some questions. Let us help you answer those questions and ease the transition to SOLIDWORKS 2018. Below are some of our best resources to make that happen included current FAQs to a complete upgrade guide for users. 

Upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2018


New upgrades generate many question for users. To combat and answer those questions, every year TriMech compiles a list of FAQs specifically for the installation process.  Our engineers run multiple scenarios with installation to create easy to follow FAQs including screenshots of the process itself. These FAQs will help you avoid common pitfalls as well as point out the changes from previous versions. So whether you are doing a Standalone upgrade for one client or a Network upgrade on an entire group of SOLIDWORKS products, the FAQs are tailored to your needs, answering all your potential questions.


Still have questions or just want more than screenshots, a live demonstration might appeal to you. Join our webinar on February 15th at 10:00 am EST as we cover the Best Practices for a Smooth 2018 Upgrade. Here, we will cover topics including:

  • How to obtain all files needed to complete the upgrade
  • How to avoid crashes/errors during the upgrade process
  • How to copy any customized files and features and use them in SOLIDWORKS 2018
  • Learn new processes and features for a SOLIDWORKS 2018 upgrade specifically 
  • Taking advantage of Online Licensing for standalone serial numbers 

>> Register for Best Practices for a Smooth 2018 Upgrade Webinar

TriMech Technical Support

There are always more options to assist you in the installation process or any other questions you may have. TriMech Technical Support is there for you and are ready to help by phone, email, or live remote assistance. Call for the most immediate assistance and speak to one of our personal engineers. Email and live remote assistance are also great means to allow our team to see your issue with their eyes and help you with a solution. No matter how choose to contact us, we would love to help answer all your SOLIDWORKS questions especially with the upcoming 2018 installation activation upgrade.  

Email: Support@TriMech.com
Phone: 1.888.874.6324

Download the Guide to Get Users Ready

For a complete overview of the installation process, we have created an easy to follow guide for users. With four simple steps you can help prepare your team for SOLIDWORKS 2018. Download the free guide now and start using the surveys, checklists and budget templates to get your users designing with SOLIDWORKS 2018 sooner.

>> Download Guide to Getting Users Ready for SOLIDWORKS 2018

Consulting With TriMech

Say you just want someone by your side for the process. We’re here to help so consider using a TriMech consultant. Upgrading an entire system can be complicated so let us help you plan, manage and perform the upgrade for you. Whether your time is limited, or you just want the extra assistance, that is what TriMech’s here for!

Are you ready to make the jump from 2016 to 2019? View our blog post that showcases the difference.

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