Undo Mistakes With the Reload Command in SOLIDWORKS

   By TriMech Marketing on July 18, 2019

One of the little-known tools in SOLIDWORKS is the reload command, but we’re trying to get the word out about this powerful command you should be using.

In this week’s Video Tech Tip, we’ll show you how to use the reload command to undo mistakes in your designs.

The Reload Command

The reload command automates the process of closing the file, clicking don’t save and reopening it. With that being said, it’s easy to see why this tool gets overlooked. Since there’s a straight-forward process that gets the job done, most users don’t go looking for a different or more robust way to get it done. So why would you want to take advantage of reload? One of the most obvious examples is when you want to undo your work and go back to the last saved version of the file. Sometimes here pressing undo one, two, or ten times could do the trick. But we’ve all been in the spot where your heart sinks, and you realize undo isn’t available. Like dark magic, undo is mysteriously missing from your command bar.

Selecting Reload Command in SOLIDWORKS Reload Command in SOLIDWORKS

You could just close the file, not save it, and reopen it, but there’s an easier way, the reload command. This is similar to the revert command in the Adobe products. It’s the quickest and easiest way to reopen a file from the disc without saving any changes you’ve made.

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