Understanding the Structure of a Drawing Document in SOLIDWORKS

   By Brandon Abercrombie on October 31, 2022

When working inside of the drawing environment in SOLIDWORKS, many users may understand the basic functions used to draft and create drawing documents. However, many users still fail to understand the basic structure of drawing documents and how they are made. This is important information to understand especially when creating custom drawing templates that can be used in the future.

The first thing that users should know when working in a Drawing Document in SOLIDWORKS is that the document itself is made up of two parts: the drawing sheet and the sheet format. Both elements are what makes up the size of the paper we will be drafting on, the title block, as well as the border for the drawing.

Let’s look at both the drawing sheet and sheet format to understand what they are and how they make up the entire drawing document in SOLIDWORKS.

Drawing Sheet

The drawing sheet can be thought of as the piece of paper that lies behind all of our drawing views, borders, title block, etc. The drawing sheet represents the size of the paper and the active area of the drawing while in the drawing environment. Properties can be modified for each drawing sheet through the sheet properties dialog. (To access the sheet properties, right click on the sheet icon in the feature manager on the left-hand side and click properties)

Sheet Format

Inside of the drawing document, the sheet format can be thought of as all of the lines that lay on top of the drawing sheet before any model views have been added. The sheet format stores paper size, title block information, notes, etc. Sheet formats are chosen for each drawing sheet and can be reloaded or switched and can be edited by right clicking inside of the drawing sheet and selecting Edit Sheet Format. Sheet formats can be saved as a *.slddrt file and uploaded in file locations under the system settings options to be used again in the future.

These two primary pieces are what make up the overall drawing document in SOLIDWORKS, and these can be modified to create custom drawing templates that users can change to match their company standards.

solidworks drawing document parts description

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Brandon Abercrombie

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