Understanding the Potential of Additive Manufacturing – FDM

Additive Manufacturing is no longer just a buzzword seen on the news. It is being implemented as a cost-saving technology at every stage in the manufacturing process. Are you ready to learn more about where and how to implement FDM 3D printing with Stratasys 3D printers? 

About This Webinar

TriMech Additive Manufacturing Application Engineer, Andrew Sink, talks about how FDM 3D printing is being used today to save time, money, and resources so you can improve your bottom line. Andrew highlights relevant case studies from companies that have benefitted from implementing FDM systems.

In this webinar, Andrew covers:

  • Common applications of Additive Manufacturing
  • How to identify opportunities for Additive Manufacturing
  • Relevant case studies
  • How to streamline your additive manufacturing process
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