Trimming, Merging, Splitting Weldments in xFrame

   By Haley Huffman on January 10, 2023

When creating weldments and trying to get the corners to fit together just right can feel like putting together puzzle with all the wrong tools. Sometimes, creating weldments with certain pierce points just doesn’t cut it. In those cases, we need tools to help us.

Luckily, xFrame makes the perfect set of tools for fitting your corners together easily with the trimming tool, splitting tool and merging tool.  Below, we will go over the different types of trims, how to split members, and how to merge members using the xFrame app in 3DEXPERIENCE.


Trimming corners of members

  1. Select member to trim
  2. Under the structure tab, select the trim member icon
  3. Under the dialog box:
    • Trim type:
      • Planar first contact
      • Planar full contact
      • Body trim type

Trimming the corners of two members

  1. Control select the two members we want to trim
  2. Under the structures tab, select the trim members icon
  3. In the Dialog box:
    • trim list:
      • Planar-first contact: this type of trim trims the member where contacts with adjacent face
      • Planar-full contact: this type of trim trims member along adjacent face
      • Body trim: this type of trim conforms intersecting member with adjacent face
      • Miter: this type of trim trims corners at the same angle
      • Mixed trim type

Trimming the Corners of Three or More Members Using the trim tool

  1. Control select the members that meet at corner to be trimmed
  2. Under the structures tab, select trim member icon
  3. In the Dialog Box:
    • Under trim tool choose the member that should remain the same and not be trimmed
    • Choose trim type
    • Under member choose members that will get trimmed
    • Choose trim type for members

Splitting Members

  1. Under the structure tab, select the split member icon
  2. Select member to be split
  3. In the Dialog box: choose between dimension split and instance split
    • Dimension: splits member at an endpoint up to a specified distance
    • Instance: splits member into equal lengths of specified number of splits

Merging Members

  1. Under the structure tab, select the merge members icon
  2. Select members that are to be merged
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Haley Huffman

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