TriMech Ramps Up Rapid Prototyping Possibilities for Businesses

   By TriMech Marketing on June 29, 2021

It has been an eventful year so far for the TriMech RP Services team. Six months ago we outgrew our longtime printing facility and now we’re established at our new location in Connecticut and fully operational! We keep up with the advancements in new technologies that come out regularly including several new materials and machines released from Stratasys the past few months (with more coming out later this year).

Additionally, TriMech and another industry leader, Javelin Technologies of Canada have come together as one team. All of these changes are exciting TriMech, as well as the industry as a whole, but what I’m really excited to talk about are the changes to our Rapid Prototyping Services department and how we are making these technologies more accessible to new and existing customers.

In this article you will learn about:

New High End Thermoplastic Materials

We have two new materials accessible to us and to our clients; one of which is brand new to the FDM line, the other is new to TriMech and is only available on our brand new F900 3D Printer:


The material which is new to the Fseries line of FDM printers (F170, F270, and F370), both in our inventory and to machines in the field in general, is ABS-CF10. As the name suggests, it is an ABS material that is filled with 10% chopped carbon fiber by weight.

This new material, which is available on our F370 and F170 in-house for service printing, is 50% stiffer and 15% stronger than the standard ABS material that we offer in FDM technology. Also, unlike our higher-end materials such as carbon-filled Nylon 12 and Ultem 1010, ABS-CF10 material is available at a significantly lower price point because the material itself is less expensive, and it is also much easier for us to calibrate and print in. As a result, this material is great for medium to small manufacturing tools, jigs, fixtures and end effectors, though this material can certainly be utilized for other applications as well!

Stratasys ABS-CF10 Materials>> Know Your Materials: ABS-CF10

Nylon 6

Another new material, Nylon 6, is new to TriMech since it is only available on the F900, which we recently installed in our new facility. Nylon 6 is an interesting material because of it’s solid combination of strength and toughness compared to most of our other FDM materials. Where it really fits in is between the ductile Nylon 12 and the incredibly rigid Nylon 12 CF. Where Nylon 12 is too flexible for some applications, but the carbon-filled Nylon 12 is either too abrasive or too rigid, Nylon 6 slots in as a durable, high break resistance, moderately rigid material with a nice clean surface finish.
Stratasys Nylon 6 FDM Materials>> Comparing Nylon FDM Materials: Which is Better?

New High Opacity Materials

On the PolyJet side of our offerings, we have one incredible set of new materials that really takes our full-color printing capabilities to another level; the Ultra Opaque VeroUltra White and VeroUltra Black.

At first glance, it may not seem as though a new white and black material would mark a major improvement to how our technology prints in color. However, at its core, our color is VERY reliant upon a solid base of white in order to to work properly and to accurately portray the colors and graphics that you are looking to model. This is because the colors themselves are translucent, so we need a white core underneath the surface to produce most colors, and our previous generation of VeroPureWhite required a minimum wall thickness of 4mm in total to produce solid color throughout a feature. On top of that, even the Pure White is semi-translucent when printed too thin. With the new UltraWhite as the base, we can achieve solid color on wall thickness down to 2mm now, and what’s even better is that these Ultra Opaques also improve the sharpness of graphics and text on other areas by substantially limiting the amount of color bleed through in the transition area between light and dark regions.

3D Printing Materials VeroUltra New Color Samples>> Achieve Fantastic Color in Your 3D Printing Designs

Javelin Technologies, A TriMech Company

Over the past month or so, the TriMech family has grown dramatically by uniting with Javelin Technologies! Javelin has been one of the top engineering services partners in Canada for years now, carrying and supporting SOLIDWORKS, Stratasys and a variety of other software and hardware offerings. They have also grown to have a substantial Rapid Prototyping Services department as well. Like our team at TriMech, Javelin has a variety of Stratasys FDM and PolyJet equipment and as our companies integrate these resources and grow our machine inventory, our combined capabilities will also expand.

What does this mean for you? More equipment at our collective fingertips means more capability, more machine capacity, more materials offered at any given time, faster lead times, and more room for both of our facilities to grow and add new equipment to further help with all of our client projects!

TriMech Javelin Stats>> TriMech and Javelin Unite

New 3D Printing Technologies

As an example of our expanding capabilities, we are currently planning on bringing two recently announced Stratasys technologies in-house for use in our RP Services arsenal; the Origin One and the H350.

DLP Style Technology: Origin One

The Stratasys Origin One, which we are currently planning on installing and running out of our facility in Connecticut, is a machine that uses P3 Technology (a DLP style technology) to produce features less than 50 microns in size with high accuracy, in high-end mechanical property materials, and at production level speeds. Out of all of the new technologies that have been announced by Stratasys over the past few months, this is the one that I am by far the most excited about, because the materials themselves, which up to now have been developed by third-party manufacturers such as Henkel and BASF, have mechanical properties that equal or even best FDM strength, flexibility, and heat resistance. These attributes, combined with the ability to achieve part smoothness and detail that is shockingly similar to the Polyjet and Stereolithography technologies, makes this machine a rock star! I anticipate that once we get this machine in-house and installed, it is going to be running nonstop for client work.Stratasys Origin One 3D Printer

>> A Closer Look at the Origin One 3D Printer

Powder Bed Fusion-Like Technology

The Stratasys H350, powered by Stratasys’ SAF technology (a powder bed fusion style printing technology), is going to take our production level capabilities to another level! We are currently planning on installing and running our H350 out of Javelin Technologies’ 3D Print Service Center in Canada. This machine prints in the high yield, engineering-grade Nylon PA11 powder, which is more widely accepted as an end-use volume production material than the industry standard Nylon PA12 prototyping material due to higher ductility, impact strength, and fatigue resistance. On top of that, the material itself is very eco-friendly, as it is 100% bio-based from sustainably grown castor beans! This technology is fantastic when it comes to filling a chamber with hundreds of small to medium size parts because it takes about 12 hours to print the entire chamber, regardless of geometry, and after that it’s just post-processing time required to clean up the parts. This is going to be an amazing solution for clients looking to produce small-scale production quantities of real-world end-use parts, at a modest price per part when compared to other potential technology options!

Stratasys H350

>> Stratasys Expands Their Technology Offering and Why You Should Care

So in short, it’s been a busy first half of the year for our Rapid Prototyping Services department, with new materials, new machines being installed, and uniting with Javelin Technologies. On top of that, we have some remarkable new machines heading our way between now and the end of 2021, so our in-house rapid prototyping capabilities are only going to continue increasing!

As always, if you have any rapid prototyping projects that require outsourcing work to get a real physical 3D model in your hand, reach out today and we would be happy to work with you to figure out what technology and materials meet your needs, and work up a quote!

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