Top 5 Ways to Speed Up the Design Process Using SOLIDWORKS

When asked why someone signed up for a training class, the most popular answer is always, “I want to use SOLIDWORKS more efficiently.” And your wish is our command.

About This On-Demand Webinar

In our webinar, TriMech Application Engineer, Greg Schotte, shares five of his favorite topics he typically covers in training courses. He teaches you five different ways to speed up your design workflow including creating custom templates, auto-inserting hardware, several ways of reusing common geometry and running a quick analysis. You will be able to develop a model with speed and accuracy, allowing you to release products ahead of schedule and without error after watching this on-demand webinar!

In this webinar, Greg covers:

  • Creating custom part, assembly and drawing templates
  • Using the Toolbox to automate the insertion of off-the-rack hardware into assemblies
  • How to create a smart component in an assembly 
  • Inserting commonly used features and parts into the design library
  • Performing simple FEA using the Simulation Xpress utility  

Interested in learning more? Check out our case study, Improving Product Innovation with 3D CAD at InVue Systems.

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