Top 11 Features in the Latest 3DEXPERIENCE Update (R2021x FD03)

   By Matt Kokowski on November 17, 2020

On the 3DEXPERIENCE platform new features and benefits are constantly added to improve the user experience. So far we have reviewed the top features in the R2021x FD01 and R2021x FD02 updates. In this article, we cover the final update of the year and bring you the top 11 features in the newest update, R2021x FD03, released this month.

1. Storing and Accessing SOLIDWORKS Templates in Collaborative Spaces

Whether it is 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS or SOLIDWORKS Desktop with Collaborative Designer, we can now easily save and access our templates in collaborative spaces. Simply open the template file in SOLIDWORKS, save it from the task pane and the next time you start a new part, there will be a tab showing the templates available in the platform. This is the easiest method that we’ve seen to ensure all users are using the same templates. Nothing needs to be set in options and nothing needs to be changed. Storing and accessing SOLIDWORKS templatesSOLIDWORKS simply sees the templates and automatically makes them available to the user. This dramatically improves adherence to company standards.
SOLIDWORKS templates in Collaborative Space

2. Setting Mandatory Attributes

Attributes that are mapped to SOLIDWORKS file properties can be set to mandatory. This helps make sure items are not saved into the vault while missing key information like descriptions or authors. A simple notification that the item can’t be saved because an attribute is missing reminds users to open the properties, add the information and then save the information. With multiple users saving data, parts, assemblies and drawings will now have more information available, allowing search functionality and storage to be more consistent.

Setting Mandatory Attributes

3. Bulk Upload Interface in 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS

There is now an interface to quickly and efficiently upload folders of data to a collaborative space. This makes it much easier for users with existing data to quickly get their data into the platform and start working. Prior to FD03, we needed to do this in a command prompt interface. Now, you simply browse to a folder and start the upload.

Bulk Upload Interface

4. Zebra Stripes in xDesign and xShape

Zebra stripes are now available to assist in creating visually appealing designs. This will make it easier to judge curvature continuity when designing in xDesign or xShape and, more importantly, when mixing the two to create a feature-based model with some Sub-D components. Simply enable zebra stripes in the Tools action bar to see where items are just tangent versus being fully curvature continuous.

Zebra Stripes

5. Sketch Additions in xApps

Sketch Tools

All three xApps benefit from the addition of multiple sketch tools. Slots in various forms have now been added, allowing for faster sketching of common shapes. Slots are commonly used in designs and now, instead of this requiring two lines and two tangent arcs, can effortlessly be done in one command. These can then easily be patterned and copied, saving you time in xSheet Metal and xDesign.

6. Edge Extrude in xShape

You can now extrude an edge in xShape. It will now be easier to make lip and groove connections on complex parts by allowing the creation of an extruded feature on the Sub-D feature. Since they are part of the Sub-D feature, the extrudes will move and stretch as you modify the edges and points. This will ensure that the design is always giving you the desired shape.

Edge Extrude

7. Product Communicator

The new Product Communicator works in conjunction with 3DRender, a rendering tool which we described in our R2021x FD01 article. They are both browser-based xApps that allow rendering, and now illustrations, of product designs. You can now create labeled and illustrated exploded views for product guides, instruction manuals and documentation. Since this is a browser-based tool, you can now send product documentation to individuals within your organization that may not have access to high-end hardware.

Product Communicator

8. Material Improvements in 3DRender

Improvements have been made to 3DRender so that material assignments are now more efficient and PLM materials can be overwritten. Along with easier assignment, texture position and orientation can now be modified, ensuring you get the desired outcome from the render.

Render Materials

9. Shop Floor Programmer

DELMIAWORKS now has another CNC programming tool called Shop Floor Programmer. This tool adds a new streamlined user interface for shops wanting a quick and easy 2.5/3 axis tool to create programs. New dialogs allow for simple setup of programs, but also provide the depth of functionality needed to program complex 3 axis parts. The integration into the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform ensures improved communication with the design team as well.

Shop Floor Programmer

10. 6W Tag Improvements

Enhancements to the look and feel of the 6W Tag interface allow for a more efficient workflow finding documents in your vault. The interface is now in line with the other browser tools, allowing users faster access to their files. It is now simpler to see which tags are selected and what is available to still narrow down a search.


11. Multi-body Support in Simulation Designer

MultiBody Support

The entry-level analysis tool in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform now supports importing and analyzing multi-body parts. You can now treat multi-body parts like an assembly, assigning multiple materials and analyzing contact conditions. This will open up the design process and not require assemblies to be created when a single part is needed.

These new updates in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform bring you a better design experience and will continue to improve cross-functional communication with your different teams. Stay tuned for more updates and what’s to come for 2021.

Want to learn more about the 3DEXPERIENCE platform? We recommend you watch our on-demand webinar Get to Know the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

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