Top 11 Features in the Latest 3DEXPERIENCE Update (R2021x FD02)

   By Matt Kokowski on September 28, 2020

One benefit of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is that new features are constantly added to the software and platform. Earlier this summer, we reviewed the top 11 features in the   R2021x FD01 update and in today’s article, we look over the top 11 features in the newest update R2021x FD02 released this month. Let’s take a look at our Application Engineer’s favorite new features.

1. Document Manager in Collaborative Industry Innovator

Collaborative Industry Innovator now has a new Document Manager app. This allows users to quickly and easily find documents that they’ve uploaded to collaborative spaces. From this view, you can easily change state, add and view relations as well as sort and download documents. This makes using and manipulating non-CAD files much easier and allows for anyone within the organization to store files in the platform.

Document Mgr

2. Enhanced Cloud User Interface for 3DDrive

Syncing files has always been easy with the local drive view available with 3DDrive. They’ve now added and improved the ability to add files to a 3DDrive through the web interface. A new dialog makes it more apparent and easier to upload files, which is very useful on a machine that doesn’t have a local view or a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.


3. Snap to Origin in 3DSculptor

Primitive shapes can now automatically snap to an origin in xShape. Prior to FD02, this required creating a point on the origin before creating the primitive shape. Now, the origin will highlight allowing users to snap and start the design with fewer steps. The TAB key will quickly reorient the part to the desired position.


4. Copy and Paste in 3DSculptor

We can now copy and paste Sub-Division features in xShape. This will greatly improve workflows where a user wants to explore multiple “What If” scenarios. You can simply copy and paste the feature, then take your design in multiple directions. It also allows for quickly and easily copying a shape around a model if you need multiple instances of the same design.


5. Add a Primitive with Sharp Edges in 3DSculptor

The edges of a primitive can now be automatically creased when inserting into a design. This eliminates the step of inserting the shape, then having to select the edge loops and crease them. This will save a lot of time getting a design started.


6. Sketch Diagnostics in 3DCreator 

Guided solutions now exist for over defined sketches in 3DCreator. You no longer have to sort through over defining relationships manually to determine which one(s) to delete. You now have guidance and solutions presented and can select the result you are seeking.

Sketch Diagnostics

7. Ordered Geometrical Sets in all xApps

A new concept was added called Ordered Geometrical Sets. This works like adding a second feature manager with a second set of features to a part. This will open up avenues for design with multibody applications and sub-divisional features. You can now separate these inside a single Physical Product eliminating the need for multiple parts. This will open the number of methods available to create a design.


8. Export to DXF in 3D Sheet Metal Creator

It is now possible to export a flat pattern directly to DXF within 3D Sheet Metal Creator. You can now quickly get your flat patterns from the browser into your manufacturing software for burning and bending routines.

sAVe as dxf

9. Replace by Revision Enhancements in 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS

The ability to replace a revision by a branch was added to the replace by revision command. This will make the use of branching to explore design iterations more advantageous and make it simpler to change a design midstream to a new concept.


10. Save Dialog Enhancements in 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS

Save and Save with Options will now work more efficiently. Save with Options will bring the full save dialog box which has been improved to make adding bookmarks and reserving components more apparent. This will better streamline pushing data from SOLIDWORKS to the platform.


11. Import of SOLIDWORKS Materials in Structural Engineer

Structural Engineer now supports the importing of SOLIDWORKS materials. This will allow for a more seamless workflow between SOLIDWORKS and the SIMULIA applications saving rework and re-entry of data.


These new enhancements in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform bring you a better design experience and will continue to improve cross-functional communication with your different teams. Stay tuned for more updates and what’s to come for 2021.

Ready to learn more about the 3DEXPERIENCE platform? We recommend you watch our on-demand webinar Get to Know the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

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Matt Kokowski

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