Top 11 Features in the Latest 3DEXPERIENCE Update (FD07)

   By on September 21, 2021

Due to the stay-at-home nature of many of our occupations now, maintaining a strong sense of communication between collaborators, manufacturers and clients is crucial.

Whether it’s training new engineers to hit the ground running, find more flexible ways of accessing CAD tools or filling the need for an easy-to-use data management system, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform has tools for everyone. Because of the browser environment these new CAD applications are on, many of the user’s computer resources become freed up for other tasks.

3DEXPERIENCE has been on a fantastic streak of updates, and the updates that come with FD07 are no different. To cover this update, we’ll go over new features that will continue to improve the user’s experience in  and develop a workflow that benefits teams in ways that desktop applications never could.

1. New User 3DSymn Splash Screen

With new users on the platform, it’s important to hit the ground running to not use up too much time training on software. 3DEXPERIENCE understands this and continues to implement ways to make learning the platform easier and more welcoming to use tools foreign to their workflow.

New User 3DSwym Splash Screen2. 3DPlay Side Panel for File Properties

Inside of 3DPlay we now have access to a side panel that can show us properties on different aspects of a product file. These include Physics Simulations, PLM attributes and social comments. This panel is easy to navigate to extrapolate information quickly from a file like a traditional desktop PLM.

3DPlay Side Panel for File Properties3. Improvements to SolidWorks Connected

With 3DEXPERIENCE filter support, users can now open drawings and have access to enhanced graphical properties management, improved attribute mapping and an automated title assignment. Saving files directly to the platform through SOLIDWORKS desktop makes linking the two tools together seamless.

Improvements to SOLIDWORKS Connected

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4. Create Precise Sketches with Shape Intersection Algorithm

You can now set up an intersection algorithm in 3DSketch to generate accurate sketch entities that might need more than two dimensions. 3DSketch allows users with bad drawing skills to quickly convert their napkin sketches into a more solidified sketch to use as a reference in a workflow. Like Trim Entities from SOLIDWORKS desktop, intersection algorithms allow excess drawn geometry to be removed with a Boolean operation.

5. Create Dimensions During Sketch Entity Creation in xDesign

Workflow improvements on basic tools are always welcome, so 3DEXPERIENCE brought in the capability to implement design intent while creating sketch entities. Locking in the dimensions for our sketches during creation will give users back a few seconds to use elsewhere.

Create Dimensions During Sketch Entity Creation in xDesign

6. Drag and Drop Components from PartSupply for 3D Creator

If a needed component is already available through the market, it would be a loss of time to model your own with dimensions and features that could potentially be off. Now there is the capability to drag standard and special components from the market through PartSupply directly into your product files to include them in the assembly and the resultant BOM.

Drag and Drop Components from PartSupply for 3D Creator

7. 3DEXPERIENCE DraftSight Professional Role

3DEXPERIENCE DraftSight Professional allows users to create complex 2D diagrams using a very simple interface and a workflow that many practicing engineers are familiar with. With the addition of this role to the platform, users will be able to access it through the DraftSight desktop application, share files securely and easily with your community and drag in and open files.

3DEXPERIENCE DraftSight Professional Role

8. Bookmark Editor

You can search a bookmark inside a tree structure and expand the structure to a specific bookmark using the Find in Tree command from the left pane. There is also now the ability to upload a folder from your local drive to the Bookmark Editor app using the Upload Folder command from the action bar.

Bookmark Editor

9. Lean Team Player Improvements

Improved Delmia tools allow for more effective operational meetings with the ability to copy/paste/move sticky notes, stickers, members and text boxes across board cells within the same Team Board. Users will now also be able to use 6WTags for filtering and can hand off controls in meeting mode.

Lean Team Player Improvements

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10. Simulia Simulation Setup Improvements

Having simulation tools on the platform is incredible, and the improvements that the platform is constantly implementing only improves the experience and results from the tool. A new command is now available for users to apply forces and torques to bodies under motion and to apply contacts, linear springs and dampers. This tool is becoming a force to be reckoned with, and soon downloading complicated simulation software locally will be a thing of the past.

Simulia Simulation Setup Improvements

11. Additional xStudio Rendering Capabilities

Ambiances can be created with any stock or personal images to create the entire environment and environmental lighting, which is crucial for a realistic 3D print. Product files can be dragged and dropped from 3DDrive directly into xStudio. There are also functional improvements, such as a single button to toggle viewing hidden components.

Additional xStudio Rendering Capabilities

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