Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2021: Flush Miter

   By TriMech Marketing on February 15, 2021

SOLIDWORKS 2021 brings with it countless enhancements to an already great piece of software, building upon the strength of the core modeling tools for designing most anything you can think of. Whether it’s sheet metal, large assemblies, or weldments, you’re guaranteed to find something useful in SOLIDWORKS 2021.

We won’t make you wait anymore…the best enhancement to weldments in SOLIDWORKS 2021 is the flush miter tool. This is an addition to the trims for corners in weldments. Now in the Trim/Extend Property Manager, you can trim the end corner miters at an angle or make them flush!

SOLIDWORKS Flush Miter 2

This is especially useful if the weldment profiles of the end segments are different sizes. It is incredibly easy to make a perfectly flush corner treatment by clicking Angle Bisector. This will automatically trim them to be as flush as two different size members could be. If they are of equal size you can use the full flush option to create a completely flush corner.
This option extends the capabilities of the weldment tools in SOLIDWORKS so now you can easily create the corner treatments you want. What used to take extra time and features to create can now be done in a single feature with just one click.

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