Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2018: SOLIDWORKS CAM

   By TriMech Marketing on March 14, 2018

Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2018 CAM

With every new release, SOLIDWORKS gives their users more functionality and value, while keeping subscription costs unchanged. SOLIDWORKS 2018 includes a new package that enables users to create CNC toolpaths directly from their SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies.

Watch the SOLIDWORKS CAM section from our SOLIDWORKS 2018 Launch Video:

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SOLIDWORKS CAM is driven by CAMWORKS, and is available in two different packages. The standard version is included free of charge with all levels of SOLIDWORKS for users who are currently subscribed. In additional to all the features found in SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard, SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional offers increased programming capabilities. With features available to store part information, machine multiple faces and create intelligent toolpaths, there are even more ways for users to leverage assembly configurations.

SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard allows users to create toolpaths for 2.5 axis milling. These toolpaths are generated from both native SOLIDWORKS part files, as well as imported geometry. Automatic feature recognition makes generating machining operations simple. These operations are also fully associative to the geometry. If the part ever changes, the operations and toolpaths will update to match the new geometry. It’s also simple and intuitive to use, thanks to being fully integrated within SOLIDWORKS. A comprehensive library of post processors is also included, enabling you to output machine code for your specific CNC mill.


How does SOLIDWORKS CAM improve your workflow?

SOLIDWORKS CAM can also consider product and manufacturing information, or PMI.  Surface finish, dimensioning and tolerance information added via DimXpert and MBD tools are automatically read by the software, and toolpaths are adjusted according to this information.  If the tolerancing information is ever updated, the fully associative toolpaths created by SOLIDWORKS CAM will update to match the new values.

Want to see more of our engineers’ top 11 SOLIDWORKS 2018 features? Stay tuned to our blog, or download the infographic below!

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