Top 10 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2023

   By Tom Ayers on October 3, 2022

In no particular order, view the top 10 features included in SOLIDWORKS 2023.


  1. Allowance of Library Feature Errors
  • When you insert a library feature into a model and get error messages, you can keep the results to view and manually repair the errors.
  • In the warning message, click Yes to keep the results. In the FeatureManager® design tree, you can manually repair the library feature or click Undo to remove it.
  • If you click No in the warning message, in the Library Feature PropertyManager, you can modify the selections or click to restore the FeatureManager design tree without the library feature.
  • Previously, the warning message blocked you from inserting library features that generated errors.
  1.  Coordinate Systems
  • You can reference coordinate system elements from additional entities, features, and commands, including the select other command.
Coordinate Systems SOLIDWORKS 2023

Coordinate Systems SOLIDWORKS 2023

  1.  Dimension Support for the Move/Copy Body Command
  • When you use the Move/Copy Body command, you can control the Translate and Rotate values with equations. You can add these equations to a design table and control them there. You can double-click the dimensions in the graphics area and specify them using the Modify dialog box.
  • Under Rotate, you can select Euler’s angular rotation and specify values for Yaw (side-to-side), Pitch (up-down), and Roll (twist). This method delivers the same resulting rotation regardless of the order in which you specify these values.
  • If models have configurations, you can specify the configurations to which the dimensions apply for Translate and for Rotate when you select Euler method of angular dimensions.
  1.  Hybrid Mesh BREP Modeling Improvements
  • Hybrid mesh BREP modeling is improved to support more SOLIDWORKS® BREP features that you can combine with mesh BREP geometry.
  • Hybrid mesh BREP modeling now supports features such as boss and cut sweeps, lofts, and boundaries. For a complete list of supported features, see SOLIDWORKS Online Help: List of Features Supporting Hybrid BREP Bodies.
  1. Section View through Axis
  • You can define a section view through an axis without constraining it to a secondary point, such as a vertex. Previously, a secondary selection was mandatory. When you click Plane about axis , you can click Reverse Section Direction to flip the section view across the created plane.
Section View through axis

Section View through axis

  1. Single-Line Fonts for Wrap Features
  • You can create wrap features from sketches that use single-line fonts when you select Scribe for Wrap Type in the Wrap PropertyManager. Previously, wrap features did not support single-line fonts.
  • Single-line fonts are also called stick fonts. This functionality is particularly helpful for users who want to engrave stick fonts on parts.
Text Wrap in SOLIDWORKS 2023

Text Wrap in SOLIDWORKS 2023


  1. Repairing a Missing Mate Reference
  • You can now repair missing mate reference for references to faces, edges, planes, axes and points in SOLIDWORKS 2023.
  1.  Previewing a Replacement Component
  • You can preview a replacement component in the replace property manager. You can specify the scope of the replacement.


  1. Displaying Transparent Models
  • You can display transparent models in drawings with Hidden lines Removed (HLR) and Hidden Lines Visible (HLV) modes.
  1. Filtering Bill of Materials Columns
  • Filtering a bill of materials (BOM) lets you focus on what you need to see.

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