To Hire or Not To Hire? That Is the Question

   By on April 15, 2020

Right now, many of us are scared. We’re not entirely sure how to keep our normal day-to-day routine and many of us are now trying to do our duties from home offices, kitchen tables or even living room couches. We can’t turn the world off and on and hope it solves our issues. In times of uncertainty, we often look at people’s examples to see what we can do.

Below are examples of how others are dealing with their new normal. These general instances highlight solutions and hopefully spark ideas for you if you find yourself in a similar spot. Regardless of situations and social distance, we are all still in this together, figuring out how to navigate through it.

Hiring Freezes

Hiring freezeSeveral of our clients are categorized as essential, but they serve a very specialized or niche market. They have work to be done, but with state regulations, they are not operating at max capacity at their facility. Some companies are getting through by staggering shifts to limit how many people are present at the same time while others have furloughed and/or terminated employees. They have hiring freezes in place and are awaiting for some semblance of normalcy to return so they can pick up their hiring.

Freezing Hires, But Not Completely Frozen

Since their company cannot hire at the moment they had some downtime to take advantage of and decided it’s a good time to review resumes. When we come out of restrictions, many companies will need to make up for the individuals they, unfortunately, had to terminate or will need to pick up more labor to account for increased production levels. You can even begin your hiring process with perhaps normal phone interviews and follow those up with video interviews using Skype or Zoom. You can still be proactive as candidates are still out there.

Open Positions

Some industries still need talent, but cannot add any physical labor on-site due to restrictions. Since a handful of the needed areas will continue to be required under regular conditions, they are scrambling to think of ways to get their workloads accomplished.

Likewise, we have seen an uptick in companies who are looking for ways to demonstrate their products to potential clientele. Normally this would involve bringing physical prototypes or models, however, they currently cannot make office visits. They still are operating as they typically would, but the conditions are forcing them to rethink and reevaluate how they can be of value to their customers. They realize they have to hire to meet these challenges and are accepting that new employees will most likely contribute from off-site.

Off-Site, On Point

Remote workers can aid your companyBoth groups must account for new ways to bring on talent, but group two has figured out the answer. We are seeing an increase in clients using remote workers to get things done. Some will use contractors to help bridge the gap between shutdowns and when things get back to normal, while others are using this as a time to seek out new innovators who may work from afar now, but be brought on permanently when they can.

None of us are alone. We are all facing new challenges and circumstances together. Whether your situation mirrors any of the above or you have your own unique challenges, there are avenues to figuring it out. You do not have to face these unprecedented times alone. TriMech is your resource. Reach out and let us solve your unique challenges together.

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