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   By Devin Martin on May 3, 2023

Automating your Automation!

DriveWorks CPQ & DriveApps

In our last blog post What are DriveApps? we discussed how Implementing a CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution is a quick way to reduce lead time on quotes, customer drawings, and CAD models, all while making your product easier to customize and configure. DriveWorks CPQ also comes with DriveApps which provide out-of-the-box functionality to enhance and accelerate your use and implementation of DriveWorks CPQ. Today we will be reviewing the DriveWorks Scheduler DriveApp, how it works, and what exactly it can do to make your DriveWorks implementation even more useful.

What is the Scheduler DriveApp?

The Scheduler DriveApp is a unique tool that allows you to easily schedule the automated execution of almost any task! Use this DriveApp to routinely refresh database information, send emails, start/stop Autopilot, or even run new DriveWorks specifications automatically when triggered.

driveworks scheduler driveapp

How can I take advantage of the Scheduler DriveApp?

scheduler driveapp

DriveApps are easily set up, since DriveWorks comes with them built in as out of the box tools. In DriveWorks Administrator under “Stage 1” select DriveApp Administration and create a new DriveApp. Select “Scheduler” and walk through the remaining prompts. Once set up, you can run the DriveApp through DriveWorks Autopilot. If you would like to run the DriveApp on a scheduler, you can use the Autopilot Scheduler Connector and set up simple (or very complex) schedules that dictate when you want to run the DriveApp.

You can even use conditionals within a DriveWorks project to evaluate if you want to trigger any action when the DriveApp calls upon it. For instance, you could set up task that runs a project which queries a database on a continuous schedule. If that database table grows since the last time it was checked, DriveWorks will automatically email you with the new information that has been entered in! With the scheduler DriveApp the sky is truly the limit on what you can automate.

For more information on what you can schedule and do with this amazing tool you can view the DriveWorks help files:  or visit the learning portal and complete the course covering running projects on a schedule.

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