The Most Overlooked Aspect in Employer Branding

   By TriMech Marketing on July 28, 2021

Building an attractive brand is a huge focus for companies. Brand building not only increases consumer awareness, it can also be used to share core values, giving the company an identity that can be connected with on a personal level. 

But what if you are trying to attract quality employees? How does brand strategy fit in with recruiting? The rise of interactive social platforms has opened up opportunities for companies to enhance brand awareness. One of the easiest ways to appeal to candidates is by using these platforms. 

Candidates on Social MediaIn the past few years, a lot has changed involving technology within the hiring process. With 70% of Americans on social media, ignoring the opportunity to use this tool can have a huge impact on finding the right candidates. The four most used websites include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Since so many people use these websites, it seems silly not to promote your business brand on them from a hiring standpoint. An added benefit is that by increasing your content, you are engaging more with your audiences which should expand the number of people viewing your company, and who doesn’t want that?

Well… marketing online is not quite as easy as it sounds. Posting just any advertisement might not engage the viewer’s interest. Learning the basics of digital marketing will help attract and retain the best employees!

Tips to Improve Social Media Hiring Strategy:

Avoid Focusing Only on Direct Promotion: Don’t just direct all of your attention on advertising your products. In your content mix, you should be including an emphasis on the personality and value of your company. Candidates want to see that they will fit into the company culture, so highlighting company values with examples of how they are supported will connect with potential employees. 

Employer doing researchSpend Time Researching: Who are your target candidates? Do your research so that you can create a purposeful search. Understanding what you are looking for in an employee will help you focus any paid ads on social media towards that perfect candidate. This approach will also help save your company time in the long run. No one wants to spend valuable resources training an employee only to have them not fit the job and leave soon after onboarding.

Maintain Quick Response Time: Respond to questions, messages and comments as soon as possible online. Keeping the candidates top of mind helps them know that they are a priority. They will feel a desire to connect and maintain meaningful conversations with an employer who is open and responds promptly to them.

Effective social media utilization will keep your brand top of mind for potential candidates. When they can connect individually to a job, they will see that your company shares the same values and interests and will encourage them to apply quickly! 

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